Whenever we think about physical disability, the first thing that comes to our mind is an external disability which we can see, but the real abatement is in our mind, where we think of someones deficiency as their disability.


If a person is not capable of doing a particular thing or work than it does not mean he is disable. Similarly, if someone living their life with deficiency than this also does not mean that he is disable. Either a perfect individual or a disabled one cannot attain a desired goal until they have an internal capability and willing to work hard in any situation. Thus, this entire thing is a state of mind, where the whole world worries about disability more than disabled person.


So many opportunities which we get in a life that little loss in you cannot stop to live life like others do. Infact, these people have more capability not only to work hard but they also live their life like a blossom flower.


Being positive is the most powerful weapon to defeat any kind of situation.  And we have seen many people who are physically disable but still they are living their life as a gift of god and working for the welfare of the society in their community.


 And always remember “Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” thus nobody is physically challenged here, and they are enjoying their life with full of bliss. And a positive energy bring a new day in your where sun rays bless you.