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Lassi- an Indian cold drink

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



Lassi is a popular yogurt based drink and a traditional chilled beverage of India. It’s the famous refreshment summer drink

Lassi is a popular yogurt based drink and a traditional chilled beverage of India. It’s the famous refreshment summer drink.  It’s the delicious combination of yogurt and sugar and according to your taste you can add different type of flavors. The best thing about lassi is that, it is one of the easiest drinks to make.  Many Indian restaurants also offer the drink on their menus. In summer, Lassi gives you an awesome taste by pouring the ice-cubes over it.


There are many types of Lassi but two are the most popular


First is Salty Lassi, which is commonly known as chaas in local language

And second is sweet Lassi



Apart this mango lassi, banana lassi, mint lassi also popular among the people. It is possible to find sweet lassi which can be flavored with ingredients like honey, rosewater and other delicate to make it more tasty and unique. In case of salty Lassi, Some restaurants also practice innovations with Lassi by adding stuffs like garlic or vegetable to make it more interesting and tasty. It’s a valuable healthy drink for both children as well as elderly people. The method of preparing sweet and salty lassi is the same. There is only a difference of ingredients. In sweet Lassi we add sugar in yogurt while in Salty Lassi we add salt. Salty Lassi is very good for digestion and keeps your mind and body cool in hot summer. It is usually made by fat fewer yogurts, so it is beneficial for calorie conscious people



Let’s know the benefits of yogurt which is the main ingredient of the fresh Lassi –


Its make our immune system too strong.


The bacteria in curd help in digesting food.


It is a rich source of calcium.


Curd is easier to digest than milk.


It is also beneficial in constipation.


Yogurt is also good for bone and teeth.


It prevents stomach infection.


It reduces acidity


Lassi is a healing and comforting ayurvedic drink. And it is also highly regarded in Ayurveda because of beneficial bacteria called probiotic found in all cultured yougurt. Probiotics help maintain the flora of the small intestines, which promotes overall colon health as well as aiding immunity. In summer, the salty version is considered to have a greater digestive enhancing effect, while the sweet version will give you a nourishing and calm feeling. 

So, enjoy lassi in hot summer and keep yourself cool and refresh. 

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