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In India, each and every festival is celebrated with joy, love and happiness.

In India, each and every festival is celebrated with joy, love and happiness. All the festivals bring the togetherness and brotherhood among people. Like other festival, holi is one of the auspicious festivals where we celebrate by applying beautiful colors on each other’s face and splashes colorful water on each other. This is the actual essence of holi, when we come together and play with different and smashing colors without the restriction of caste and creed.


But today, holi celebration has been converted into health hazardous as almost all the colors are chemically produced which will not only harm your skin, eyes and hairs but also nature. Chemically made colors can dangerously affect your skin. It also causes permanent disorder to your precious organs. It is also very difficult to wash-out these fake colors while taking bath. Over the years, with the disappearance of trees in urban areas and greater stress for higher profits all the natural colors came to be replaced by industrial dyes manufactured through chemical processes.


Therefore, celebrate this holi with eco-friendly colors and share the real colors of joy and fun. And add safety and satisfaction to your celebration. Enjoy this beautiful festival by using natural colors or homemade colors which gives you full freedom to have fun as well as pleasure of protecting nature.  Such celebration will not only save you money on harmful colors but you can enjoy the natural color and fragrance of homemade colors which will no way harm your skin.


Now you will think how we going to make those beautiful and different colors at home. Thus, you will be surprised that earlier people used to make colors with various flowers and home based remedies which give a natural color to it. Here are some preparations of various colors:-


YELLOW- Mix turmeric (haldi) powder with chick pea flour (besan).and then Boil Marigold or Tesu flowers in water. And turmeric is very good for your skin.

DEEP PINK- Put some pieces of beet-root in boiling water and let it stay overnight. Amazing colored water will be ready to be used for Holi in the morning.

ORANGE-RED - Henna leaves (mehndi) can be dried, powdered and mixed with water.

BLACK - Take some black grapes and amla and cut them in fine pieces. Put the pieces in boiling water and let the water cool down to get a nice black color for Holi.

GREEN- Prepare green colour by putting spinach, mint and neem leaves in hot water and let it stay for some time. You can also make dry green colour by grinding dried leaves of spinach, mint and neem leaves.

RED- Red Sandal Wood Powder (Raktachandan) has a beautiful red color and is also used in face packs. You can dry red hibiscus flowers in shade and powder it to make a color.

BLUE- Sundry Indigo flowers and then powder them; you will get a nice blue color. You can also use regular ‘neel’ or indigo mixed in three times flour.


Now on this Holi, enjoy the real beauty of colors made by home and stay away from chemical colors and oil paints. Thus, play holi with nature, not against nature. And relish with sweet Gujia and authentic snakes and have a wonderful and safe Holi. 

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