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Rang Pashi: Holi celebration

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



Rang Pashi

Three days before the full moon, ‘Rang Pashi’ brings Holi into all households. This is the first day of Holi celebrations. The first day of Holi get together in the evening when people visit their relatives home to perform the formal sprinkling of color.


Earlier, the household ‘purohit’ or priest was invited to begin the holi celebrations, but now this task has been taken by the eldest male member of the family. On Rang Pashi, a ‘thali’ is arranged with colored powder especially ‘gulal’ and colored water is placed in a small brass container. All the family members assembled at a veranda together and the eldest male member of the family begin by sprinkling colored water and different colors on each member of the family. It is then the turn of the younger ones to do the same. In this unique way of celebrations, everyone shares affection and blessings by spreading beautiful colors on each other.


The celebrations on this day, delicious and mouth-watering food has been cooked like: gujiya, papri, kanji vade, dhai bhale and many other delicate as well as spicy dishes. And all the family members eat together, enjoys their food and it is customary to serve drinks before meal. Rang pashi is occasion when everyone comes together and enjoy holi with love and respect.

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