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Ways to Play Safe Holi

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



Whenever we think of joy, enthusiasm, beautiful colors, dance party, bhang etc…, it means we are going to celebrate the festival of colors i.e., Holi.

Whenever we think of joy, enthusiasm, beautiful colors, dance party, bhang etc…, it means we are going to celebrate the festival of colors i.e., Holi. In India, holi is celebrated by sprinkling colors, putting colored powders, splashing colored water on each other. But nowadays, holi has become health hazardous festival, beautiful colors have become a chemical product which will only harm your skin, hair and eyes. If you have repeated nightmares of skin and eyes allergies or other serious problem due to the colors then follow these ways which will help you to play a safe Holi.


Avoid Synthetic colors, and Use Natural Colors

The various ingredients found in synthetic colors like black, red, silver etc have been known to cause various health problems which will cause you, colors makes your skin red and blotchy eye allergies, skin problems and even temporary blindness.


To make your holi more colorful without the fear of skin allergies or any kind of damages, use natural colors or homemade colors. You can easily make it at home by using flower and natural raw material. You can also buy an organic/ herbs colors from market.


How to protect hair

After playing holi, you will find that your hair become dry, damaged and fizzy. To avoid this,

 Massage your hair well from scalp to hair tips with coconut oil or castor oil. This oil gives your hair a protection and shields from harmful chemicals and dirt. This will help the colors come off easily.

 Try and cover your hair with cap to make your hair away from color.

 You can also apply a hair pack made of fenugreek seeds, amla powder, boiled shikakai powder and water.

 Another homemade recipe that works is a mixture of henna powder, four teaspoons of lemon juice and curd. Apply on hair and wash after an hour.


Tips to Protect Skin:

Apply coconut oil, almond oil or mustard oil on your face, arms, legs etc. this will protect your skin from dangerous colors.

Use waterproof sunscreen.

Cover your lips with a coat of lip balm.

Remember not to use harsh soaps to get rid of colors from your skin, and never rub your skin harshly, this will make your skin red and dry.

Mix one spoon of masoor dalone spoon of flour, 1 spoon of rose water and a pinch of turmeric.  Apply the pack on your skin and let it dry for 20 minutes. Scrub off initially with and then wash with water to wash off the colors.

Never rigorously rub your face while trying to get rid of colors. This will make your skin itchy and dry. Instead dab some coconut oil and then try to remove the colors.


Danger effect of holi

If you are an asthmatic or suffer from severe dust allergy, it is advisable not to move out to play Holi with colors, especially the dry powders.

Please ensure that your eyes remain protected at all times. Use a sunglass to protect your eyes from a misfire of color filled darts or water jets.

If you wear contact lenses, do remove them before going out to play holi. If someone is spraying colored wa.ter on your face, close your eyes.

In Holi, bhang is consumed in large quantities which can lead to effect in increased blood pressure and heart rate. Never drink it on an empty stomach.

Keep handy pain killers, anti-oxidants, anti-allergic tablets if all the above tips have been disregarded.


Now play this holi with safety and enjoy the festival of colors with loads of fun and love. Wish you a happy and safe Holi.

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