Shri Devkinandan Thakurji was born on 12th September in the year 1978, in Ohwa village, Mathura (Lord Krishna's birthplace) in the state of Uttar Pradesh India. Born in a Brahmin family his father Shri Rajveer Sharma and his mother, both were religious and believers of Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran. The family was full of happiness with his birth as their second child in a family of four sons and two daughters. In childhood he showed signs of his divine insight and greatness. From a very early age of six, he left his home and stayed at Shree Dham Vrindavan where he participated in Brij's famous Rasalila Sansthan and performed as Lord Krishna and Lord Ram. As he use to play the role of Lord Krishna who is also called as Thakurji Shri Devkinandanji's loved ones, his family and his Guruji also called him Thakurji. At Shree Dham Vrindavan he met his spiritual preceptor his Sadguru, Anant Shri Vibhushit Bhagwat Acharya Purushottam Sharan Shastriji . He later got his spiritual initiation diksha under the Guru-Shishya Parampara as the follower of the NIMBARAK SAMPRADAYA . Shri Nimbarka Sampradaya, under the leadership of the most Holy Sri 'Shriji Maharaja' has progressed astoundingly. For a manifestation of the qualities of the ancient Vedic Rishis, one needs to look no further than the lotus feet of Shri Shriji Maharaja.

Shri Devkinandan Thakurji is a spiritual leader as well as a humanitarian. He is a melodious religious guru, his Bhajan, discourses bring joy within every soul. His Sankirtans are attended by large number of devotees who feel the presence of the divine Lord Krishna himself present in front. Shri Devkinandan ji popularly known as Thakurji Maharaj is an Awakened Nimaraki, blessed with divine spiritual knowledge and intelligence. He is a devotee of Shree Radha Sarveshwarji. He is a great Orator of the Bhagwat Katha and is loved by many people all around the world. 

Shri Devkinandan Thakurji has received great spiritual, as well as Vedic knowledge of the divine. When Shri Devkinandan Thakurji was just 13 year old, with the blessings and guidance of his Sadguru he learnt the entire Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran. He memorized by not taking his meals until he had learnt a prescribed number of the verses of the Mahapuran every day. In this way within few months he memorized the entire Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran and recited it everyday with full devotion. He was good at grasping the ancient scriptures within a small span of time and not only just reading it out but bringing soul to the words. It wasn’t late for his Sadguru to recognize the genius in him and the deep divinity inside him. His determination at such a young age made his Sadguru to give him the name “SHRI DEVKINANDAN THAKURJI MAHARAJA”. As his Satguru had recognized the beautiful orator in him he entrusted him in the service of conducting discourses and recitation of Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran. Shri Devkinandan Thakurji Maharaj held regular discourses during evening Satsangs in the presence of his Sadguru.

It was at the age of 18 Shri Devkinandan Thakurji recited and propagated the teachings of Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran at the Shree Ram Temple of Shahadara in Delhi. People who attended were touched by the divinity in the voice and the simple unique way Shri Devkinandan Thakurji gave his discourses. He was loved by everyone, his spiritual knowledge along with a heart full of care, warmth and love towards all beings made everyone feel he was a family part. Lord Ram Katha and Bhajan Sandhya are his specialties. His words are impressive and dynamic in approach; the philosophy of his is interesting and attracts a large number of people all over the world. 

In the year 2001, on the request of his devotees who were highly touched by his discourses and recitals invited him to the countries outside India to spread his message and share the spiritual insight with the people living outside India. Shri Devkinandan Thakurji accepted the invitation with the permission of his Sadguru Anant Shri Vibhushit Bhagwat Acharya Purshottam Sharan Shastriji and went to Hong Kong first time out of India. People of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Holland, got the fortune to be blessed by his discourses.

Along his journey, Shri Devkinandan Thakurji has never forgotten his service to his Sadguru and has every time taken his Sadguru’s blessings and guidance. His qualities of truth, honesty, compassion, care, and spiritual wisdom apart from been a remarkable orator blessed with melodious voice Shri Devkinandan Thakurji has earned a special position in the hearts of many people. 

Vishav Shanti Seva Charitable Trust means “World Wide Peace.” The Trust aims to preserve happiness in the air of the region by making them culturally and economically viable. It helps poor, handicapped & old citizens. The Ashram activities include Sanskrit Chhatra Vikas, Gaushala, Vridha Ashram, service for orphan children etc and making peace in all community.

Shree Brahmin Mahasangh has honored Param Pujya Shree Devkinandan Thakurji Maharaj with the title of the ACHARYAINDRA. In praise of Thakurji the members of the Sangh said that as if Indra is the head of all devas similarly Thakurji is like INDRA of all Bhagwat Katha orators (katha vachak). Blessed by Anant shree Vibhushit Jagadguru Shree Nimbarkacharya Radha Sarveshwar Sharan Devacharya shree “Shriji” Maharaja, Shree Nimbarka Sampradaya’s Yuvraj Shree Shyam Sharan Devacharya has honored the Param Pujya Shree Devkinandan Thakurji Maharaja by the title of SHANTIDOOT. Shree Nimbarka Sampradaya’s Yuvraj Shree Shyam Sharan Devacharya said that lord Krishna went to Duryodhan before the war of Mahabharata to send the message of peace, to avoid the war, as a messenger of peace- SHANTIDOOT; Similarly, Thakurji is the Shantidoot who is working hard to establish peace in the world through his spiritual knowledge, Bhagwat Kathas, discourses and Maha -yagyas.


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