His Holiness Sadhvi Dr. Vishweshwari Devi Ji


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From the very beginning of the universe, there has been evolution of many saints, gurus, guides, preachers, thinkers and philosophers on the land which has introduced the worldly life to Jagdishvar through the knowledge, devotion and devotion to the welfare of the living creatures. In the eighteenth decade, with the aim of bringing philosophical thinking of Sanatan Dharma to the mind and heart of Sanatan Dharma, the incarnation of Lord Vishweshwari Devi, the supreme Goddess, was born on this Dharam Dham.


Mother brought her unseen faith towards Ganges to Rishi Bhumi Haridwar. In 1999, she got an unmatched passion and peace in the lap of mother Ganga and in her mind the resolve of 'Shriram Kripadham Ashram' was in place. In 2004, the establishment of Shriram Krishhdam Trust and laid the foundation for the ashram under it. In year 2010, in the Ashram premises in Haridwar Mahakumbh, the establishment of the temples of Shri Ram Darbar and Shri Radhakrishna ji and Prana Pratishtha Mahotsav was organized.


Pujya Devi ji started the New-Day Shriram Katha and Sapt-day Shrimad Bhagavat Tale from 1997, giving gradual pace of continuous flow of Satsanga. Poo From the mouth of Goddess, listening to the mysterious formulas of the story in a very simple and intuitive form, the audience begins to feel the ecstasy of spiritual ecstasy.


Pujya Devi ji's easy-to-understand style, sweet voice, serious contemplation, simplest temperament, stunning philosophy and the convergence of all the classical sources with the present life-style, the art of converting art stories more effectively on the heart of the mind Marks it. Through the recitation of bhajans in devotional songs in the stories, they are experiencing the Goddess Bhagavat Katha of Godly Devotional God. The main objective of the legends of Vishweshwari Devi ji is to restore the eternal religion to the corner of the whole world and to revive the world with the glory of the glorious most ancient eternal-culture.


Doing stories, the revered goddess has seen some social problems which she considered to be considered as necessary. These problems were the problems of cow and grass and destitute cowhood. Param Pujya Devi ji administered Shri Goudham Gaushala for the conservation of Govans of the country and for the purpose of providing an imagination to bring public awareness of the Gaosva to the people of the country, with the view to provide villagers in Sujangarh tehsil area of Churu district. It has taken up the virtue of doing good work in the service of the cow.

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