In above deep sense on 23rd October 1985 with the inspiration of Kailash 'Manav' the organisation came into existence with "Gayatri Mantra Yagya' "Seva Shok Ki Dhun" found near Pindwada of Sirohi District in May' 1976 when a bus & truck collide together. The dark day of 1976, brought the heart changed he grieved and heart felt sensation wakeup. Immediately he went to the site of accident which he saw practically with his own eyes about forty persons were injured, blood shed seen, crying voice of injured persons and five breathed last injured were shifted to Hospital. Institution (Organisation) has changed the fate of 78,000 polio affected people who came to this organisation in crawling position, physically handicapped and with other disabilities.

Sadhoo Kailash Manav "Sadhoo Kailash Manav Ke Annsu Bangaya Phool…Tears of Sadhoo Kailash 'Manav' turned to Bloom" 

It is true that the population is growing fast, but world is also shrinking fast where mob is seen but not man. I do not found my neighbour think of this? If there is any answer of this that would be "lack of Seva Bhawan"... But come and let us talk of such person who did not lost in mob. 

Sadhoo Kailash Manav always wept in a closed room and prays to God O'mighty my life must not go waste his tears for holy services turned to deo-flowers in term of Narayan Seva Sansthan. In childhood when he returned to his home after playing with his friends her mother some times distributes fruits, sweets and worship God's prasad to all friends and at last to Sadhoo Kailash 'Manav' many a times he was given least prasad than other friends he surprised to note this that why least and in the last? When he asked this question to his mother she said that your those friends who had never generally ate sweets have right to get first these emotions has brought him what he is today, in the services of sufferers, poor, orphan running after them for their well being. He believes in "Parhit Bas Jinke Maan Mahi, Taa Kahun jag durlabh kacchu nahi” …these thoughts continued in his mind and brought him today at the peak of services to provoke sufferers.

In practical life he is serving man, society and country with his slogans…

"Saab dharmo ki ek he baat, pyaar badhao sab ke saath" "saab rogon ki ek dawai hansna seekho mere bhai"

On 23rd October, 1985 Kailash 'Manav' inaugurated the foundation of Narayan seva Sansthan. In 19 years of long period in the interest of polio handicapped free Chain Raj Savant Raj Lodha Polio Hospital was brought to existence, had 151 Bedded and about 78,000 polio patients stand on their feet after their successful operation. In firm directions he distributed 20,12,432 Number of Clothes to tribal’s, 966000 pas, 5,70,200 Food to Patients and 7416 Bags to Tribal Schooling Children. For handicaps free training centers on Computer, T.V., V.C.R. (Electronics), Health care Centre, Leather work etc. were established and imparted trainings to disabled needy persons who are earning their livelihood and supporting family members. Organisation has spread its tentacles in the country & abroad 498 branches which are rendering services. "Kailash 'Manav' thoughts that in every house one should not starve, sick due to lack of medicines and for the want of water lives do not end".


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