Anant Kothi Brahmand Nayak, the true grace of Shri Satyanarayana Lord, working as a liberator in various mediums of audio and visual publicity in his physical life till the year of his great love, Swami Shree Ratnadev ji Maharaj, the great saints of India, saints, It has been fortunate to serve the holy shrines of our faith with great devotees and divine devotees. With the grace of Adikalin Satya Sanatan culture, with the grace of Param Pita Parmeshwar, Swamiji was born in Alwar, a Gauda Brahmin family of Rajasthan, where he received great religious rites only from the beginning of his life. In this sequence of life, Swami ji has been interviewed from time to time about the supernatural experiences of Param Shakti of God, and the inspiration of Lord Satyanarayana in the true form of Nature began to get the strength to spread the glory of truth. And one day Lord Satyadev devoted this command of God as destiny, Swamiji has devoted his entire life to the service of his own feet. According to the Swami Shree Ratnadev ji Maharaj, "Now the only goal of this body body is to serve the Lord and to spread His glory." Therefore, the only purpose of the life of Swami Shree Ratnadev Ji Maharaj, on the path of Satmand, Motivation to walk and the eternal cosmic hero, Satya Narayan is to get the complete grace of God, through which the Kalyug Without knowledge of the Vedas, the human being can achieve salvation by fulfilling all the pleasures of the world and fulfilling their desires. The eternal cosmic universe, the true form of Shri Satyanarayana Bhagwan, is to be blessed by all - Swami Shri Ratnadev ji Maharaj paddy ..


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