Many Gurus, saints, sages, Rishis have blessed us with their divine insight and have shared their wisdom & spiritual knowledge. They are the messengers of God who are sent by the Supreme power to spread peace, harmony, happiness to all and preach truth and heal the ones who are in distress. Acharya Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj is one among them; he has worked towards the upliftment of mankind and to teach them to walk on the path of spirituality. Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj by his preaching's has beautiful spread the message of unity and peace along with it showed the way to convert life into a journey of joy and bliss. He has traveled all the corners of the world in his mission to spread peace, spiritual awakening and reviving our Indian values, Vedas & scriptures. Sudhanshuji Mahraj was in pain looking at the different kinds of inequalities existing in the society and has worked to remove these inequalities. Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj as a bliss to the world was born as Yashpal, on 2nd May 1955 in a village in the Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Right from his childhood Sudhanshuji was brilliant and ambitious. He had immense knowledge and was very courageous. He studied the Vedas, the Upanishads, six systems of philosophy, Puranas, Astrology, Mathematics, Science etc. and stood always first in his class. His teachers were always

pleasantly surprised by his intelligence and always encouraged him. He received higher education from two universities. He had great memory and strong determination and worked very hard. He wanted to do something for the whole world and was inclined towards spiritual philosophy and thought.

People were always eager to hear his thoughts and his philosophy. Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj words, preachings, were in simple language but the impact they did went deep into the heart reaching the inner soul. During his visit to Thailand Sri Sudhanshuji practiced the Gayatri mantra and also got a awakening to lead his whole life in a mission enlightening all irrespective of caste and religion. His presence instills a new life and hope in distressed souls, removing the inequalities and reviving the ancient Indian values & culture and explaining its true essence.

Thus Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaja established Vishwa Jagriti Mission in the year 1991. After coming back from Thailand Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj came to Delhi and started giving spiritual discourses. In his sweet divine voice Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj gives discourses where he doesn't limit to explain text from one epic or region or person but with knowledge of various Vedas, he brings to life the deepest of philosophy in his simplest of way, easy for the common man to understand and apply in day to day life. Sudhanshuji Mahraj is thus the truest of spiritual leader

Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj with his preaching's tries inculcation of human values in our society and works hard so that all come together in harmony. Also tries to move forward from religion to spirituality. He wants to eradicate poverty and distress from the society. Sri Sudhanshuji wants to put an end of fundamentalism and false thinking practices. He wants people to feel secured by having full Faith in the presence of God. As Service to Mankind is Service to God he wants people to accept the good which is in helping, caring and having brotherhood and bring Peace and harmony in the world.

Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj has set up his main ashram at Bakarwala village on Nangloi-Najafgarh road in the capital city of Delhi, known as the Anand Dham Ashram. It also has an old age home, with a capacity of 500 residents. The ashram provides all the facilities for a quiet retreat, spiritual and health rejuvenation and Vedic learning. It has temples and prayer halls for the devotees and for the public.

Vishwa Jagriti Mission established by Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj is a social and cultural society. The main aim of the mission is to free the society and the harassed humanity from Antipathy, Animosity, Malice, Hatred, and Violence & Revenge. It brings awareness about the way one can lead life with a positive approach. The missions also harness the youth power, for that Youth forum (YUVA MANCH) has been organized. Youth Forum conducts social service camps, organizes youth, and channelize their energy for the reconstruction of our Nation. It provides volunteers for the development and social work. Vishwa Jagriti Mission celebrates 2nd October as Parents elders' day and looks after the elderly people's care security and issues related to them.

Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj is concerned about the rural problem, elderly people state as well as the facilities provided to the poor for this purpose he has established Karuna Sindhu Rural Hospital which was established on 2nd Oct 1998 and. Vardaan Arogya Sansthan for promoting Yoga and Natural treatment. Free Hospital at Faridabad for the poor and needy where all the facilities are available. Blood and Eye donation camps are held periodically. Many needy people have benefited from this and have been cured.

There is another Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj Ashram at Pune known as the Punya Dham Ashram. There are ashrams at Kullu Manali, Panchkula, Hyderabad and Dehradun also. These ashrams serve as the serene and calm spiritual retreats for the destitute and homeless people. Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj has brought about Spiritual Awakening with his Regular Discourses on Spirituality; he has revived of Value system. Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj has also developed meditation techniques based on his direct perception of divine. These techniques are taught to the aspirants in the meditation camps held all over India and abroad.

Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj has raised many social and national issues through his discourses. Particular among them are the development of excellence of Indian culture, in the tender hearts of youth. Respect for the parents and service of the old and elderly persons in the family, inculcation of the spirit of service of mankind and elimination of corruption from society values of oneness and unity in the world. Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj believes that a human has enormous potential within himself. It is his responsibility to bring out his capabilities and achieve higher levels of consciousness. Each and every individual should strive towards restoring social peace and accord. It is his duty to reinstate the peace.


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