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To help devotees in realising that Sai lives in their heart.

How I See Sri Sai Satcharita -by Saibanisa   E-mail ID :   Chapter 33 of Sri Sai satcharita   Sairam   Sri Hemadri Pant narrated an episode concerning Sri Appasaheb Kulkarni in this chapter. After reading this episode I am reminded of an incident that occurred on 22nd March 1991 evening. I will write about this incident. 22nd March is  my wedding anniversary day. Myself and my wife went to Sri Kanyaka Parameswari temple that evening. When we reached the temple, the priest had not as yet opened the doors of the sanctum sanctorum.  I was meditating on Sri Sai's name and at that time one recluse appeared at the entrance to the temple. He announced that he had come from Sri Kanaka Durga temple at Vijayawada and asked for Dakshina (offering). I gave him one Rupee coin, which he accepted and went away. A thought occurred, after his departure, in my mind that I should have given at least Rs.10 as an offering as it was our anniversary that day. I then resolved that if he came back I would give him Rs.10 as an offering. By that time the temple priest opened the sanctum sanctorum doors. My wife and me performed Kumkuma Archana (ritual worship of the deity using vermilion coloured powder), came out of the temple and sat on the steps outside. A Sikh recluse, wearing white clothes, went around the temple once and sat next to us. He had a cloth bag slung on his shoulder. He held a tin in one hand and a short stick in his other hand. The moment I looked at him I could visualize Sri Sainath in him. I asked the Sikh recluse wherefrom had he come. He replied stating that he came from an Ashram (hermitage) in Nasik City on the banks of Godavari River. I imagined him to be Sri Sai in that form, gave Rs.10 as an offering, which I had resolved to give the earlier recluse if he came back. The Sikh recluse accepted Rs.10 offering, blessed my wife and me and then left. When he was accepting Rs.10 from me the Sikh recluse appeared tome as Sri Sai himself. Sri Hemadri Pant wrote about Sri Haribhau Karnik at the end of this chapter. After reading that episode I resolved in 1991 that I would offer clothes, in the name of Sri Sai, on every Guru Purnima day (a Hindu holy festival). It is for Sri Sainath to accept my resolution of offering clothes in HIS name on every Guru Purnima day. How Guru Purnima will be celebrated by me in future depends on Sri Sainath's grace and not in my hands. In service of Sri Sai, -Saibanisa GopalaraoRavada   The Glory Of Shirdi Sai  in the PDF format. by clicking on the below link     The Glory Of Shirdi Sai is now available in the 3d Page turning format.   Saidarbar-Hyderabad
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