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Devkinandanji Maharaj

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



Devkinandanji Maharaj
SHANTIDOOT SHRADHAY SHRI DEVKINANDAN THAKURJI MAHARAJ is a melodious Sankirtanist , a Humble humanitarian , Awakened Nimbaraki , follower of Truth , blessed by Intelligence , Devotee of Shree Radha Sarveshwar , Optimistic and spell binder Orator of Bagwat Kath’s , is popularly known and called as Thakurji by the loved one’s .


Thakurji was born on 12th of September 1978 in a pious family ,in Ohawa village chir ghat of Shri Krishna janambhumi- Mathura in state of Uttar Pradesh, country of sages -India.His father ,a humble Brahmin Shri Rajveer Sharma and his mother , a believer of Shreemad Bhagwat Mahapuran ,were filled with god’s grace , mercy and happiness on his birth as a 2nd child in a family of four sons and two daughters.

He completed his SASTRIYA in Sanskrit from UP School Board successfully and joined Haridas Sangeet Kalaniketan to learn Sangeet Bisharad. In between he also used to participate in Raslila and enjoy playing role of Krishna and travelling widely along with his father and brothers to different part of India and abroad. He too completed his Sangeet Bisharad in 1985.

The name Swami Sri Devakinandan ji and his wife's Radharani has a deep meaning in Hindu philosophy which can be elaborted as:

Lord Krishna was a dynamic incarnation of Vishnu. He was an Avatar, in the sense that He was totally attuned to the Supreme consciousness from His very birth. He has several other popular names such as Madhava, Mukunda, Murari, Shyam and Gopala. His incarnation represents the descent of the Infinite Brahman to the material world. The lord is described as being blue in color and donning yellow clothes (peetambara) with a bamboo flute (vansi) that brings out enchanting music to mesmerize his devotees. His incarnation brought to bear upon the Indian thought and life such a profound and powerful influence that it has no parallel in India or elsewhere. There is no aspect of life, of culture and of civilization which did not receive His revitalizing touch- the Indian philosophy and religion, mysticism, poetry, painting, music and dance were all influenced by the Krishna theme and thoughts. Every aspect of Krishna and His deeds is pregnant with deep mystical symbolism indicating the highest Truth. The word KRISHNA indicates the Supreme Consciousness which is said to be dark (Shyam), in the sense that it is unseen by or unknown to one as long as one remains rooted in earthly experiences limited to the realms of perceptions, emotions and thoughts gained through the physical body and the intellect. Krishna was the major character of Mahabharata ( The Indian Epic) in which He preaches Karma Yoga to Arjuna through Bhagavad-Gita (The Sacred Book of Hindus).
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