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SadGuru Shirdi Saibaba

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



To help devotees in realising that Sai lives in their heart.

How I See Sri Sai Satcharita -by Saibanisa   E-mail ID :   Chapter 6 of Sri Sai satcharita   Hemadri Pant described gloriously the Sri Rama Navami celebrations in Shirdi. This brings to mind how Sri Sai got Sri Rama Navami to be celebrated in my house in 1991. I will now narrate a small miracle performed by Sri Sai on that day, so please pay attention. Previous night Sri Sai appeared in my dream in the form of an unknown person and told me - Rama and Lakshmana will will come to my  house to accept my  offerings -. Next morning is Sri Rama Navami and I told my wife that Sri Sai would come to our house in the form of two brothers, like Rama and Lakshmana, to accept our offerings. After telling her I completely forgot about the issue. That night after completing the Arati my wife and myself were discussing about the Sri Rama Navami celebrations in our house on that day when my wife suddenly asked me whether Sri Sai did come to our house and accepted our offerings or not. I did not remember this issue till then. I started to recapitulate immediately who all were the guests who came to our house that day from morning to night. My surprise was limitless when I remembered that my friend Sri Raghuraman, along with his two daughters, visited our house in the evening and left after accepting our offerings. My heart was filled with Bliss the moment I recollected that his daughters were twins, and Sri Sai has visited our house in their form. I prostrated myself immediately at the Lotus feet of Sri Sainath and expressed my gratitude. In those days Sri GopalaRao Gund attained Bliss by serving Sri Sai. Whether this Gopala Rao will attain Bliss or not by serving Sri Sai will depend entirely on Grace and Blessings of Sri Sai. In service of Sri Sai,--SaibanisaGopalarao Ravada
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