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To help devotees in realising that Sai lives in their heart.

How I See Sri Sai Satcharita -by Saibanisa   E-mail ID :   Chapter 7 of Sri Sai satcharita   Baba s  immense Love for children can be well understood by the two incidents. Firstly during Deepavali festival in 1910 the way HE saved the life of a blacksmith's son, who accidentally fell into the furnace in a village faraway from Shirdi, by thrusting HIS hand into the Dhuni in the Dwarakamayi in Shirdi. Secondly the manner in which HE transferred bubonic plague bubos from the body of Khaparde's son to HIS body for relieving the suffering of the boy. Sri Sai used to play with small children in Shirdi and HE used to enjoy the pristine love radiated by the children. Now I will write about something that many people do not know. Prior to 1908 Sri Sai Baba did not permit anyone to worship HIM. In 1908 a 6 year old boy named Bapu Rao, recognized Sri Sai Baba as GOD and started worshiping HIM every day by placing one flower on HIS head and saluting HIM. That act of worship started by small boy Bapu Rao acted as a beacon for worshiping HIM by millions of Sai devotees today. In service of Sri Sai, -Saibanisa GopalaraoRavada Discourses in TELUGU  by Sai Banisa GopalaraoRavada
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