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To help devotees in realising that Sai lives in their heart.

How I See Sri Sai Satcharita -by Saibanisa   E-mail ID :   Chapter 8 of Sri Sai satcharita   Hemadri Pant wrote in detail about Baba going around the streets begging for food. Sri Sai used to place all the food collected in an earthen vessel in Dwarakamayi. Firstly the woman, who cleans the Dwarakamai, took some food from the vessel, and then dogs & cats in the Dwarakamai took some food from the vessel, whatever food left in the vessel was then mixed by Sri Sai and partook it. HE never cared for taste and never thought about the taste of what that is being eaten. That's how Sri Sai used to eat his food. Now I will narrate an incident of my childhood. When I was studying in 7 Th standard, Science Master was explaining about Balanced diet in the lesson. I was not at all attentive in the class on that day, and did not listen properly the lesson being taught. At the end of the class, Science Master wanted to test whether I was attentive or not and asked me - What is Balanced diet? -. I had not been attentive when the lesson was being taught, I will have to give some reply otherwise I will have to stand up on the bench as punishment for not being attentive in the class. I thought for a moment and replied - Balanced diet means mixing all the items of food in a vessel first and then partaking the same -. Entire class burst out in loud laughter. If any of those classmates of mine of that day have become Sai Devotees today and if they go back to that day and recapitulate the incident now, I wonder what would their reaction be today.  Tatya Kote Patil and Mhalsapati used to sleep in Dwarakamayi every night with Sri Sai. They used to sleep with their heads eastwards, westwards and northwards respectively and their feet touching each other. When I contemplated on reasons for this unusual sleeping arrangements the answer I got is - There is life on the earth in Easterly , Westerly and Northerly directions, but there is no human life at the South Pole-. Sri Sai knew the secrets not known to us and hence HE never slept with His head in Southerly direction. In service of Sri Sai,--SaibanisaGopalaraoRavada
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