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YOGA FORMULA>YOGA=GOD{SOUL(MIND+BODY)} ::Samadhi (union with the Lord){meditation(Concentration)}

 Whenever we hear the word Brahmcharya the names of Hanuman, Lakshman, Bhishma, Swami Dayanand, Swami Vivekanand , Mirabai and Gargi etc. flash across our mind. Most of us think that becoming a Brahmchari is an impossible and imaginative idea. But to think like it is wrong. There are lot of people in our society, having different faith, both among men and women who understand the importance this word and follow strict BRAHMCHARYA (celibacy) in their conjugal lives and lead a happy and contented life.   Brahcharya is life itself and every path contrary to it leads to gradual and sure death.

    When the idea “If it is possible to put a check through Brahcharya on family growth and AIDS” first came into my mind , I though practically, its to be a little farfetched. But as I thought and pondered over the idea, I gradually began to feel that it was no so farfetched as it seemed at first. It had some element of truth. Light began to draw upon my mind and I decided to further meditate upon the possibilities of following it in practical life by the common man.

       -BRAHMCHARYA i.e. Celibacy is of two kind- 1.Physical and 2.Mental

     - BRAHMCHARYA means controlling of thoughts, speech, action and passions. It is equally important men and women both.

     - BRAHMCHARYA entails keeping thoughts away from sax relations.

     - Importance of BRAHMCHARYA is infinite. One   adopting it becomes owner of unbounded peace & joy.

          Today, the whole world is scared of dreadful diseases like AIDS. In India alone millions of people are suffering from this disease and crores of rupees are being spend every year in treatment. The chief cause of   this ailment is not realizing the significance of BRAHMCHARYA by common man and hence disregards large degree by adherence to a simple and easy rule. They are giving statutory warning to cigarette smokers ‘Smoking is injurious to health’. Likewise they issue such warnings on all contraceptive devicesnas “For married Couples only”. Or if we move a step further towards ‘Brahmcharya’  They can word it like ‘To be used once a week only’.

   This may appear to be ridiculous to many as the so called western civilization has overshadowed their minds and hearts. And they fail to draw any inspiration from our ancient culture and high civilization. To quote one instance  from the Ramayan-When Rawan was carrying Sita away forcibly and Sita was  throwing away her Ornaments in the way. And Lakkshman, when asked to recognize the Ornaments of sita, could simply reply that he could testify to the ornaments worn by her on her feet only. He could not say any thing about her ornaments worn on her hair or other parts of the body, since he had always kept his eyes on her feet and had never raised them above them. Just look at it and Compare it to the western culture. This was our ancient culture ,civilization and highest tradition ,where even Bhabhi ( wife of elder brother ) was adored and revered like one’s mother-the magnanimity of it. This was the very Lakshman who had a life of complete Brahmcharya(Celibacy) ,keeping away from his wife for 14 years and served Ram and Sita with affection and devotion in  the forests during their exite.

    Ramayan also speaks about Hanuman who could expand his body to tremendous proportions as well as reduce to a very small size. It was all due to his mastry on Yoga and deftness in Pranayama. Persons may brush it aside as calling this a flight of imagination.But is it asking too much in a world when nothing seems farfetched and scientists are sending man into space,to other planets as well as planning to other worlds of this vast universe.

   Let alone this.we can at lest instruct our youth to recognize the importance of Brahmcharya(Celibacy) and SAYAM(Abstinence) before marrage and  stick their sexual relationship in married lives with one life partner only as advised in our ancient  culture.It is the only cure/way to runaway the disease  like AIDS & contraceptive devicesnas are simply westage of efforts.We should teach them the advantage of Pranayam(Regulation of breath)  and yoga Asans. They should be awakened to the gains through these in their practical life.

    This will lead to  two fold benefits-One to the young generation who will channelize their energy towards higher ideas in their lives;and the other ,by their action,the young men will help raise the character of the nation to the new heights.            


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