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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



"Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte Yoga".....Maa Jagadambaa
What is the Sanaatana Dharma?
The word ‘Sanaatana’ seems to have its root in the ‘Sma’ dhaatu or alphabet of the divine language Sanskrta.
The Sanaatana Dharma stands for the universal love, tolerance, peaceful co-existence and in fact embodies the concept of the 'Vasudhiotism' or the Global-fraternity/Globalization.
The word 'Dharma' includes inter alia the’ secularism’!
The ‘secularism’ is an inherent, basic and integral part of the ‘Sanaatana Dharma’!
The ‘Sanaatana Dharma’ is a way of life generally associated with the Indian Civilization, a way of life that is universally democratic and all embracing! It is a unique way of life that lets all the strands of diverse spiritual thoughts germinate and flourish without fear of persecution. It aims at enabling the individuals gain the spiritual salvation while living a fully satisfied life.
The word 'Matriotism' means the deep Love and Respect for one's own Mother or the Motherland! Broadly defined, it means the deep Love and Respect for the Mothers or the Motherlands of other people, too!
The word 'Matriot' comes from the word ‘Mother’ having roots in the word ‘Mater’ [‘Maatra’ in the Sanskrta language].
The word 'Matriot' means any person who has the deep love and respect for one’s own mother and mothers of other people.
This author has so far only seen the use of the word ‘Patriot’ or ‘Patriotism’ in the English language by the Indians of all hues and shades while these Indians speak of their love for India. This is despite the fact that the majority of the Indians speak of India as the ‘Maataa’ or the mother in their local languages and dialects. So, it’s high time the Indians started using the words ‘Matriot’ and ‘Matriotism’ while describing their feelings of love and deep respect for India in the English language.
The word 'Patriot' comes from the word ‘Father’ having roots in the word ‘Pater’ [‘Petra’ in the Sanskrta language].
The words ‘Patriot’ and ‘Patritotism’ are used by those who speak of their countries, homelands or political entities in terms of the ‘Fatherland’.
The 'Vasudhiotism' is a far broader concept than the concepts of the ‘Patriotism’ or the ‘Matriotism’!
The word 'Vasudhiotism' means the feelings of deep love and respect for the fellow maanavas [human beings] all over the world as one large family. It implies inter alia treating the whole maanaveeya [humans] race as one united family.
The word 'Vasudhaa' means the Earth. So, the 'Vasudhiot' shall mean the global citizen! The 'Vasudhaeeva Kutumbakama' means the ‘Global family’!
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