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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



"Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte Yoga".....Maa Jagadambaa

The HOLY SHAARADEYA NAVARAATRA festival is approaching fast. Devotees of the DIVINE MOTHER are busy making preparations for the festivities.

One Indian TV Channel SAHARA SAMAYA showed recently the footage of the young girls and boys in Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat, who have been rehearsing the steps of the famous Gujarati folk dance DAANDEYAA for the last two months…………..! The only sad part was that the participants spoke of doing the DAANDEYAA to the beats of the common-run saucy MOVIE SONGS instead of the DEVOTIONAL SONGS dedicated to the DIVINE MOTHER………..!

This brings me to the point. There is no harm if someone likes to dance to the tunes of non-devotional movie songs. But, the spiritual times like that of the NAVARAATRAA must be used to create the totally POSITIVE SPIRITUAL VIBRATIONS in and around oneself by tuning oneself into the devotional activities like listening to the holy devotional songs, holy devotional music, holy devotional literature, holy devotional chanting of the hymns in praise of the DIVINE MOTHER, etc !

What kind of the positive spiritual vibrations does a devotee hope to generate if the devotee indulges in non-devotional movie songs and playing materialistic distracting games like TAMBOLAA during the NAVARAATRA as happens in the NAVARAATRA celebrations organized in big housing colonies in big Indian towns and cities? Such non-devotional activities can only produce the negative vibrations............................!

These non-devotional activities can very well be carried out on some other occasions like on the eve of the New Year, etc.

The NAVARAATRA comes once every three months. The 9 days’ time during the NAVARAATRA offers the devotee a golden chance to abstain from the totally distracting worldly materialistic activities and instead concentrate on improving one’s own spiritual well-being to become fully refreshed and spiritually recharged to face the challenges of the life more boldly, much better so as to become able to achieve one’s aims and reasonable desires in the life during the next three months’ time. Thus, every devotee gets four chances every year to replenish during the NAVARAATRA one’s depleted spiritual energy [the energy that had got depleted in the preceding three months of daily life].

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