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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



When I say that “I am the boss of myself” there is deep meaning of this sentence.

When I say that “I am the boss of myself” there is deep meaning of this sentence. Today’s life is full of competition, full of tension, full of negativity. We could not ignore it but it’s very important to know that how to handle it? It’s a truth that you can order yourself not other. In a simple way, you can say that I can be a boss of my own instead of others. The main thing is that I can handle that situation which comes in my circumstance. I can work on myself, on my attitude, on my thinking to make it positive even in worst situation. It’s very simple that we cannot do work on weather but we can do work on weather of our mind. I cannot do work on what you think, but I can work on what I think. I cannot work on who will get 1st position in the class but I can do work only on my performance to how to get 1st position in my class. I cannot do work on the situation if it’s a heavy traffic jam on the road but I can do work on my mood to how to be feel cool and calm in that traffic. There are many situations which make me sad but it’s in my hand that how to be treated it.



Never give a chance to –

My happiness is inner side of me not outside. I never give a chance to anybody to make me feel happy or to make me feel sad. We should not think like that if the weather is good, then we will feel good. The main point is that other person’s attitude, behavior, weather and this type of outer sources could not affects me until I do not want. Because if I give them a chance to affect me than definitely I will not be able to concentrate on my performance, I could not see my target and never can achieve my goal.  All of these external forces act as stimuli that we respond to. Between the stimulus and the response I have a greatest power to choose my response.  And I never like to waste my energy to response for these types of bogus things.

I do not believe in –

I do not believe in these words like “I can’t”,” I will not”, and “I have to”. Instead of it I like to say that” I can”, “I will” when I speak or when I thought this type of positive indicating word on that time I do not know that what will be the results but  I will surely try to my give 100 percent to achieve a target. Sometimes, result comes in a positive way and sometimes in a negative way. But in both conditions, I felt satisfied to my action. Because if I leaved any opportunity without trying cause of just these words like “I can’t”,” I will not” and “I have to”. May be I thought on the time when my death will near   “alas, I did not do that thing in my life just cause of this word “I can’t”. May be on the last time I will wish to conquer my fear but unfortunately I did not get a time to live more. 

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