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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



"Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte Yoga".....Maa Jagadambaa


Is there a bigger "SHREE MAHAAVEDHYAA" than the "SHREE VEDHYAA"?


1. Yes, there indeed exists a bigger and more effective VEDHYAA than the SHREE VEDHYAA. This bigger of the two Vedhyaas is called the SHAKTE VEDHYAA or the SHREE MAHAAVEDHYAA.

2. So far, according to my knowledge no one is really aware of this SHREE MAHAAVEDHYAA, not even the best of the Shiv Yog Teachers/Masters/Avadhoots who presently are teaching the SHREE VEDHYAA [till the time of writing of the instant article]. I know full well that the staunch followers of such teachers teaching the SHREE VEDHYAA shall find it difficult to digest the fact of their teachers being unaware of this SHREE MAHAAVEDHYAA and shall not readily admit their teachers’ ignorance about it. If you question these followers in this regard, you are likely to get the readymade blind-believers' reply - our guru may be knowing it, but he/she isn't teaching it right now.

3. Of course, now that this article has been written/published, some of these Shiv Yog teachers are likely to come to know a little bit about it by using their own powers of clairvoyance or by going to the Daswaan Dwaara and then later claim to have already known it.........................! However, I prefer to call this methodology of knowing others' knowledge a kind of the THEFT ON THE COSMIC level or the COSMIC THEFT of others' knowledge/ideas........!

4. Aade Shankraachaarya had devised and taught the SHREE VEDHYAA which is being taught by the present day Shiv Yog experts. It would be useful to understand about Aade Shankraachaarya’s personality and times in which this great seer lived. His was a day full of quarrels and disunity amongst the Indian rulers of various small states in the Indian subcontinent. So, to bring unity of some sort, he used the cultural vehicle by setting up the four MATHHAs at four extreme geographical locations in four directions of the Indian subcontinent – Badrinath in the North, Shrngeri in the South, Puri in the East and Dwaarka in the West.

5. Having taken care of the attempts to unite common people, Aade Shankraachaarya then seems to have focused his attention on the different warring/quarreling religious/spiritual sects that prevailed in those days amongst even the learned seers/spiritual people. These spiritual beings seemed to have bitter rivalries with someone insisting on the Lord Sheva being the supreme entity, others citing Lord Veshhnnu to be the sole Almighty, still others claiming only the certain Goddess to be the supreme spiritual powers and so on. This probably created discord, confusion and disunity amongst the religious/spiritual Indians.

6. To overcome disunity created by all these different competing religious/spiritual ideologies/sects, Aade Shankraachaarya very cleverly devised the concept of the SHREE YANTRA. If you examine closely the SHREE YANTRA/SUMAERUU devised by Aade Shankraachaarya, you will notice that he has accommodated and integrated almost all the deities worshipped those days in India thereby trying to create a unique single model which could be used for spiritual practice by followers of all sects/deities!

7. I sometimes wonder, if Aade Shankraachaarya were alive today, Aade Shankraachaarya would certainly accommodate and integrate even Budha, Christ and Prophet Muhammad in his unique SHREE YANTRA!

8. To be fair to the process and the technique used in the SHREE YANTRA/SUMAERUU, it does help tremendously in increasing one’s concentration and focus which in turn may lead the spiritual practitioner to the higher levels of spiritual consciousness including the highest one. However, it is to be pointed out here that a really devoted sincere spiritual practitioner can achieve the same results simply by concentrating and focusing on one’s own third eye centre or the Daswaan Dwaara instead of going through the lengthy process and technique of the SHREE VEDHYAA!

9. Let us have a look at the following Sanskrta language shloka [verse] number 15 from the ShreeDaevyathrvasheshhama:

“Aeshhaa-aatmashakteha I

Aeshhaa Veshvamohenee I

Aeshhaa Pashaankushadhanubaannadharaa I


Ya Aevma Vaeda Sa Shokma Tarate II15II”


This one [SHE] is the power of the soul [personal self and supreme self].

This one [SHE] is the mesmerizer/hypnotizer of the whole world.

This one [SHE] is the one who carries a loose rope, controlling weapon, bow and arrow.

This one [SHE] is the holy bigger knowledge.

The one who knows thus swims across the ocean of sorrows [life and death]/attains the true spiritual salvation.

The verse described above clearly shows the existence of a BIGGER KNOWLEDGE [SHREEMAHAAVEDHYAA] which is far superior to or far bigger than the Lower Level Knowledge [SHREE VEDHYAA].


The SHREEMAHAAVEDHYAA or the SHAKTE VEDHYAA is the ULTIMATE VEDHYAA [final/superior knowledge].

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