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"Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte Yoga".....Maa Jagadambaa

The 19/25/11 points Ideal Sequence Of The Yogaasanas And The Praanaayaamas For Males/Females/All Genders is given below.

[a] The Following Is The Suggested 19-Points Ideal Sequence Of The Yogaasanas And The Praanaayaamas For All Maanavas [ Humans ] Irrespective Of One's Gender:

 1.The Yoga Mudraa.

2.The Gyaana Mudraa Or The Padmaasana

3.The Gorakshaasana

4.The Taadaasana

5.The Pawana Muktaasana

6.The Paschemottasana

7.The Hasta Mudraa

8.The Chakshu Mudraa

9.He Mahaa Bandha

10.The Agnesaara Kreyaa

11.The Naasekaa Bandha

12.The Kapaalbhaate Praanaayaama

13.The Naadee Shodhana Praanaayaama

14.The Chandrabhaedee Praanaayaama

15.The Suryabhaedee Praanaayaama

16.The Ujjaai  Praanaayaama

17.The Shietalee Praanaayaama

18.The Bhastrekaa Praanaayaama

19.The Bhraamaree Praanaayaama

[B] The Following Is The Suggested 25-Points Ideal Sequence Of The Yogaasanas And The Praanaayaamas For  Streyaan [ Females ]:

1.    The Yoga Mudraa.

2.    The Gyaana Mudraa Or The Padmaasana

3.    The Gorakshaasana

4.    The Taadaasana

5.    The Pawana Muktaasana

6.    The Paschemottasana

7.    The Hasta Mudraa

8.    The Chakshu Mudraa

9.    The Gomukhaasana

10.  The Matsyaasana

11.  The Matsyaendraasana

12.  The  Kapotaasana

14.  The Supta Wajraasana

13.  The Ardhachandraasana

15.  The Mahaa Bandha

16.  The Agnesaara Kreyaa

17. The Naasekaa Bandha

18.  The Kapaalbhaate Praanaayaama

19.  The Naadee Shodhan Praanaayaama

20.  The Chandrabhaedee Praanaayaama

21.  The Suryabhaedee Praanaayaama

22.  The Naasekaa Bandha  

23.  The Shietalee Praanaayaama

24.  The Bhastrekaa Praanaayaama

25.  The Bhraamaree Praanaayaama

[C]Those of you who don't have much time to spare for practicing the 19-point ideal sequence of the yogaasanas and the praanaayaamas must do daily the following 11 yogaasanas/ praanaayaamas:

1. The Chakshu Mudraa

2. The Hasta Mudraa

3. The Yoga Mudraa

4. The Taadasana

5. The Paschemottasana

6. The Mahaa Bandha

7. The Naasekaa Bandha

8. The Agnesaar Kreyaa

9. The Kapaalbhaate Praanaayaama

10. The Suryabhaedee Praanaama

11. The  Ujjaai Praanaayaama.


1.One must do "the shawaasana" after doing the each aasana. The duration of the shawaasana must be the same as that of the preceding yogaasana.

2.The people having problems with one's vertebrate column/slip-discs/ribs/bones must not do (A) The Supta Wajraasana (B) The Ardhachandraasana (C) The Matsyaasana (D) The Matsyaendraasana.

3.The Mahaabandha is extremely useful for streeyan [ females ].

4.It  always is advisable to do daily 2-3 times the each aasana/praanaayaama.

5.The yogaasanas must be done before doing the praanaayaamas.

6.It always is advisable/the-best to practice the yogaasanas/praanaayaamas under the guidance of some perfect practitioner of the yogaasanas/praanaayaamas.

7.Avoid the polluted areas. You must be physically fresh and not tired whenever you do the yogaasanas/praanaayaamas.

8.You must preferably not eat anything  for 6 hours before and after the performance of the yogaasana. Also, your stomach/intestines must be clean of the undigested food and the stool.

9.Although the praanaayaamas can be done even after eating food. Still, it always is better to do the praanaayaamaas with the  stomach being empty!

10.The concentrating/meditating on the energy-points/chakras during the yogaasana/praanaayaama does help activate your spiritual energy/kundalenee-shakte!

11.Your face must remain towards the east direction while doing the yogaasana. However, in case of the Paschemottaasana, your face must be towards the west direction in the morning and towards the east direction in the evening. This basic requirement exists probably because of the impact {on the maanava [ human ] body} of the magnetic field of the earth.

12.Your face must remain towards the east or the north direction while doing the praanaayaamas. This basic requirement exists probably because of the impact {on the maanava [ human ] body} of the magnetic field of the earth.

13.Always do the yogaasanas/praanaayamas on a mat only, especially the woolen one.

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