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Are the Modern Yoga/Spiritual Masters/Teachers Spiritual-Peddlers?

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte [SPTJB]Yoga is a unique YOGA

Today, the true spiritual-seekers feel disgusted to see the so-called spiritual-masters and Yoga-experts busy in minting money by selling their spiritual wares through different outlets like the internet and so on. The true spiritual-seekers are asking themselves - Are these so-called spiritual-masters and Yoga-experts busy in minting money by selling their spiritual wares really True Spiritual-Guides or are just another kind of ordinary marketing and sales-people trying to market and sell their products to make money?

The Indian Puraannas have mentioned thousands of year ago itself that the Braahamannas [not the caste Brahmin, but those who have either become one with the Brhma, are the self realized souls or profess to be the Brhmagyaanees] shall sell the brhmagyaana/brhmavedyaa/Vaedas in the Kaleyuga. This is what is happening exactly!

There are certainly selfless people and organizations that are doing excellent selfless work for spreading the Yoga and the spirituality.

But, these selfless Yoga/spiritual-organizations cannot work without resources, the primary of which happens to be the money. In the excellent ancient days, the reshes used to get generous grants from the patron kings, businesspeople, disciples to run their Ashrmas efficiently. So, they did not need sell any CDs, DVDs, books, etcetra in those days. How many of today's kings/queens [read the governments], businesspersons or the disciples [who have learnt the Yoga from the really selfless Yoga-teachers] are helping the selfless Ashrmas run by the selfless devotees of the Yoga-science ?

Rani Rashmoni, (1793-1861), the founder of Daksshenaeshawara Kaalee Temple, Kolkata had greatly helped Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa by appointing him [Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa]the priest of the temple.

It would be wrong to label all the yogees/yogeenees as corrupt. There indeed are noble Yoga-practitioners who are engaged in the selfless rendering of the Yoga to the humanity.

There have been selfless people like Swami Vivekananda, Swami Shivananda and others who have taught the spirituality/Yoga free of cost to the people. Several such modern-day noble spiritual guides have written numerous articles on the Yoga. Some of them have been on the internet trying to spread the Yoga. But, it all required money in the first instance. If these noble-intentioned people don't try to sell their books, etcetra on the Yoga, do you think they'll ever be able to raise monetary resources needed to be able to get facilities like the internet, etcetra which come for a price? Getting documents xeroxed/scanned and putting them on the internet for the benefit of the spiritual/Yoga-seekers costs some money and so on.

But, yes, the noble saints/masters/guides don't sell their brhmagyaana for a monetary price unlike what many totally materialistic Yoga-teachers are doing around. Such pious masters have initiated numerous deserving spiritual-seekers in the spirituality/Yoga, free of cost. In fact, such kind-hearted, generous and compassionate guides/masters don't charge any money at all!

In my opinion, any Yoga-teacher who makes money for teaching the Yoga, on one or the other pretext to only to the people who can afford to pay money, but does not teach the Yoga to those who don't have money to pay, is no true spiritual-master, rather such a unreasonably-selfish Yoga-teacher is just a spiritual-peddler!

There are many around who are not the spiritual-peddlers! Khwaazaa Gareeba Nawaaza [Hazrat Shaikh Khwaja Syed Muhammad Mu'īnuddīn Chishtī (Ajmeri)] of Ajmer was such a selfless noble saint. He never charged any money from spiritual-seekers. Guuruu Naanaka Daeva, the founder of' the Sekkhism, gave his spiritual-knowledge and blessings free of cost to the disciples/true-seekers. Jesus, another noble saint cared for humanity selflessly. He never charged money, too. Moses did not seek any special favour from Israeli people for having passed on to them the tablet containing the Ten Commandments!

It is perfectly justified if you are trying to raise resources in the selfless service of the Yoga/spirituality by selling books-DVDs, etcetra, only in case you are not getting any donations or grants, in case you are a genuine selfless Yoga/spiritual-teacher who is trying genuinely selflessly to teach/spread the true Yoga, i.e., union with the creation!

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