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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte [SPTJB]Yoga is a unique YOGA


1. I know you all have some REALLY nice basic knowledge of the Yoga. Still, my experience based on interactions with a large number of devotees/spiritual seekers of different sects/gurus is that HARDLY any one of them knows the following two BASICS of the Yoga: A. Practising of the NAADEE SHODHANA KREYAA/PRAANNNAAYAAMA for 15 minutes daily is enough for your well-being in case you lead a jet-speed fast urban life and don't have enough time to do other Yogeek excercises. B. Practising of 3 bandhas [Udeyaana, Jalandhara, Muula], each one separately in succession for one minute each, AFTER HAVING FINSHED DOING/PRACTISING ALL OTHER YOGEEK EXCERCISES LIKE AASANAS[POSTURES]- PRAANNAAYAAMA - MUDRAAs is a MUST. OTHERWISE, the practitioner is likely to have many problems. For example, I had recently met a follower of one SHIV YOG master. This fellow has been following his guru for last 8-9 years and has learnt many magic-like VIDYAs [Shree Vidyaa, etc,] from his guru, but this fellow had been suffering with so many bodily physical problems despite doing YOGEEK EXCERCISES and EVEN HIS GURU [WHO HAS CLAIRVOYANCE POWERS] COULDN'T SEE HIS PROBLEMS OR HELP HIM OUT. When we discussed his way of doing YOGEEK EXCERCISES THEN we could find out the REAL CAUSE of his sufferings - HE WAS NOT PRACTISING THE 3 BANDHAs at all the WAY AS THESE SHOULD BE AS DESCRIBED ABOVE.....!

 2. I DO HOPE SINCERELY that the above-mentioned information SHALL DEFINITELY help you ENHANCE your WELL-BEING through the PRACTISING of the YOGA.......!

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