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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



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Oh! I want to listen to Your voice
My God, My Lord, My Love:

I want to listen to your voice
In the silence of the dawn...
I want to listen to you when the noise of the cars
It will be just a remembrance in my mind...
I want to listen to your voice
When the noise of the people
It will be just a remembrance in my mind...
Within my bedroom, when even this remembrance disappears
When there is nothing, nothing - just a great empty
A great empty within my mind
So I will listen to your voice
Prints , whispers , intuitions , sounds,
Dreams , your magic way to speak to us...
Oh! How it's great when a Father speaks to his son!
Oh! How it's great such a communion!
Speak Oh! Lord, speak in my heart!
Speak in my mind , speak in my spirit...
Lead me - towards of Light
I want to lose myself
In a sweet Nirvana, in a total Samadhi
When no word is able to describe it
But only the spirit can feel such a spiritual greatness!

OM OM OM ...

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