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Path of Peace & unity with Gurumaa

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



T here have been moments when we regret for our behavior...we always blame others for our mistakes, Show anger and say harsh words.

T here have been moments when we regret for our behavior...we always blame others for our mistakes, Show anger and say harsh words. Being a human, it is very important to entrench a healthy and peaceful relationship with others. In our day –to – day routine, we met many people and communicate with them thus, we need a calm behavior to deal with anonymous individual and for that you have to keep your mind and soul calm. What has usually disturbed these moments are retention of guilt, carried by our own ego & attitude.


Sometimes, we seized into a cornered situation when we don’t know what we are doing and we goofed up. For these entangled situations, we require a one who guides us to the right path of unity and harmony .And Anandmurti Gurumaa is the one who taught how to love yourself as well as others. She guides in such a manner which not only consoles your mind but also enhance your soul and there will be no hatred but love for all. Peace, happiness and celebration enlighten our life which brings a beautiful aura.  

 peace & harmony

Everyone on this earth has a relationship of humanity and we should respect each other’s  feelings, we all need to search our hearts and minds and understand the fear that causes the impulse to violence, jealous, envy. Gurumaa is a master, a guru who spreads a divine aura which improves our life and we become a good human being. She guides a path of spirituality where we begin to know and trust ourselves. Anandmurti Gurumaa sprinkles love and spiritual knowledge everywhere; she helps people by answering their questions, solving problems in her satsangs. She is been working for unity of all with no discrimination on the basis of caste, gender and religion.

Following her path itself means reaching to a point where we start listening our voice which is core inside our heart and says that being kind to one will make you a nice person. First love yourself and then you can feel that the whole world is so beautiful with full of colors, nature and peace. 

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