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Who can define the glory of Sri Krishna, lord of love and the soul of universe.

Who can define the glory of Sri Krishna, lord of love and the soul of universe. He is the lover of all. His enchanting form, with flute in hands, sound of a flute makes everyone lost in him.  


Seeing Krishna as a perfect embodiment of divinity. His life has inspired an entity house of poetry, music, painting, sculpture and other fine arts.


rasa leela

The devotional zeal Krishna created in the gopis is perhaps best example of doing rasa-leela dance, wherein each of hundreds of gopis perceived the eight year old Krishna to be dancing with them alone. All the gopis merging into rasa-leela dance as in their divine love, the lord appeared to each of the gopis and with his grace he blessed each gopi with a vision of self.



 Lord Krishna is a symbol of love and mercy. He was the one who steals butter from the houses of gopis because of his extreme love for them, and gopis were eagerly expecting Krishna to come and eat their butter. Krishna not only steals their butter but also captures their heart, makes them forget the world and makes them enjoy everlasting peace and bliss.



Above all gopis Krishna has a supreme love for Radha. Theirs was the highest love – a love to inspire a mankind forward on the path to god. Both Krishna and Radha were not different entities; they were like one soul of two bodies. There was a pure love between them, a love of respect, divine love embraces all others to believe in god and love as well. She is not only a love of Krishna she is his Shakti as well. They did not get married and they were not with each other at every moment of their lives. Even though physically they were not connected, mentally they were one.



Love is not only to get, it is unconditional and mirabai was the one devotee of Sri Krishna who developed a relation of faith and divine love. She maintained a relationship of one soul with, she prays for her lord and she regarded Krishna as his husband. And Sri Krishna also listens to his love; there has been a purity of love between them. Mirabai was a born poet. She expressed her deep love and devotion to shri Krishna.


Lord Krishna is still roaming in our hearts, he is here to purify your mind, embrace you with his warm love in his sweet bosom.

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