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An Extend To Know Self

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



A human body is made of five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space i.e. Panchamahabhutas

A human body is made of five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space i.e. Panchamahabhutas, which is disposable, what remains after death is a soul of a body. We do everything to keep our body fit either physically or mentally. But we always kept away from what we are? Our real recognition is by our soul, not by body.


And to know yourself internally, you have to distinguish between knowledge and understanding the truth. Spiritual evolution is about growth of being, an ever brightening of the power of god. And knowledge is the crucial cornerstone of this process, but knowledge alone would not be able to accomplish your goal, you must have to under through the principle of faith, love, kindness and the power to know self.


The upliftment of spiritual evolution is attained when you completely concentrate on your inner soul; when you come close to know the power of god. The path of faith and love with yourself and with the god makes you contiguous to your soul.  When you know about your good as well as bad doings, and then accept it, because this leads you towards the path of faith and love.


Humility is an important essence that brings a bond between human beings, which makes you a good person. Humility is not about belittling you, as that is either false modesty, but about knowing yourself. It is choosing truth over ego and gained you to know what your soul says. Knowing truth is useless until you understand the truth and choose a right path. Thus, it is important you to acknowledge truth without resentment.


Therefore, spiritual evolution is attained knowledge, awareness and wisdom. And to know self, faith and love gives you the strength to enhance the purity of soul. All are necessary and their roles must be balanced. Seek spiritual evolution with understanding the truth. 

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