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Make your own strategy

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



There is nobody in the world who does not want to be a successful life.

There is nobody in the world who does not want to be a successful life. Everyone wants to famous and money. Either it’s a student, businessman or can be an employee. But some people gets there goal and some does not achieve. You know why? It’s depends only on our strategy. Strategy to make a plan to that how can to you gets your target. Let’s understand that why it’s important to make a plan or you can say strategy.

Do not live a simple and mercy life -

Suppose you are a back bencher student of your class. You are too weak in study and never get highest marks in any subject. Your teacher always scolded you and advice to do hard work. Some time you feel humiliate and crying also. That’s perfect time to take challenge. One thing keep in your mind that you have born not to be live a simple and merciful life. Just face something hard, face your failure and change it into your success because it’s only you who can change your life.

You are the teacher of your life and you are the writer of your life.

In the starting Make small goals -

When your teacher scolded you on that time you have to decide that next time you will not give your teacher a chance to humiliate yourself. Just decided in your inner soul that you will do hard work.  Set in your mind that it’s not so difficult to get highest marks. You have to just teach a chapter not the all books in the starting. 

In the starting make your goals too short, when you achieve them you feel yourself full of confidence, full of stamina to handle hard things.  Confidence and stamina leads you to big achievement and success. 

Thought is nothing without action -

When you get your small goal, you will feel automatically positively. Your confidence, positive thought leads you toward the successful way. Destiny works but your thought with action is very important things. God always help them who help own self. If you have a thought to be successful but you do not take action in right way then there is no value of your thought.

So, it’s very important to keep in mind that you are not born to be live a merciful life, never give a chance other to humiliate yourself, make your mind sharp and full of knowledge, set your goal and make strategy to get them.

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