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An effective leadership

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



Geeta is not just worthy as spiritual scripture; it also emphasized on the lesson of an effective leadership

Geeta is not just worthy as spiritual scripture; it also emphasized on the lesson of an effective leadership. In Geeta, Krishna points out four types of people in the world. First is distressed, second seekers of wealth and power, third seekers of self actualization and fourth seeker of absolute supreme consciousness. Krishna says about the distressed people are those who have no motivation and are usually miserable. They are not able to uphold their happiness and success on own basis. That’s why they have great need of inspirational leadership which can lead them toward the enthusiasm.

Second are those, who are categorized as the seeker of wealth and power. They constantly move by the materialistic world and their impulses. They do not believe in worthiness of love and care.

Third are those who believe in self-actualization and embodiment of supreme consciousness.  Those people, who keep this type of notion, have flourished themselves above worldly impulses and aspiration. They have become the boss of power and wealth by perusing their goal, such as self-actualization. They keep staunch faith in the existence of God. They serve their lives to supreme power by detaching from materialistic things. Krishna says, “The wise believes in permanence of god and impermanence of life”.

 In the context of leader, you may ask how great leadership can flourish without the quest for power, if not wealth and other worldly matters. Many prominent leaders are known by their power and wealth, this states about fourth type.

 To understand these questions, let’s first examine the true definition of leadership. According to the Bhagavad Gita, leadership is about to lead others in positive way, not about the hoarding the power and wealth for personal benefits. Krishna points out further more about the traits of leadership that leader must know about his inner-self. Krishna emphasized, use the power and wealth for the benefits of people. 

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