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Life is like a game but it is up to you, “how do you play it?” it not possible to make victory every time.

Life is like a game but it is up to you, “how do you play it?” it not possible to make victory every time. But when we lose something unexpected then it becomes very hard to get over that situation. At that moment it is very essential to uphold yourself with patience and calmness.  Second thing is how you assess your failures; as a way of leading upward or downward. For instance Thomas A. Edison says on the failure

“I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”


Change you target –

Whenever we face any unexpected loss in our life, at that time we are not able to see the perspective side of the failure. Someone has rightly said that every exit point is an entry point to somewhere….. Unexpected failure can be in any form like love failure, money loss; failure in exams and others. But at the time of adversity or crisis if you lose your stamina, calmness and keep yourself busy in staring the failure door instead of success window then you never can make a difference in your life. There is a great need to change your target and engross yourself in other work to avoid negativity. If you lose money, your love or failure in exams then it’s very important to motivate yourself. Do not consider that you have lost everything behind that particular thing. Because it is true that life always keeps going on. Leave that entire thing what you have lost and focus on what can you gain at present and in future as well? It’s true that humans have too sensitive nature, but if you are mourning because you have lost something precious in past then you will surely loose more precious things in present and incredible in future.

Happiness leads you to success-

Though, it is not easy to get rid from your failures and sorrows. You cannot merely give up and succumb to despair you have to accumulate your stamina to give up all the negativity from your heart and mind. With the negative thoughts you can never grab your desires. Because success does not lead to happiness but happiness leads to success. If you are happy you can do you are the work with full stamina, full of courage and with entire creativity whereas negativity pollutes all the creativity, it destroys and spoils all the happiness, courage and stamina. Because your mind is like a factory of thoughts if you produce positive thoughts then you can catch your goals but if you keep your mind busy in the fermentation of negativity then you can just live a life instead of playing it with joy. Always be thankful to God because you have rewarded with a healthy mind. So, squeeze it and taste the nectar of life.

Be persist

It’s very important to keep strong and persist at the time of adversity. Persistence has always been a prominent factor for those who have achieved the great level of success. Successful and intellectual people believe in calm, patience and persistence. They do not easily get angry, cry and wail. They believe in the thought that their persistence will make a difference one day. 

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