Conclusion of regional Hindu Adhiveshan at Shivapadi (Karnataka)

Sanatan’s mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra will certainly be successful ! – Sri Sri Sri Siddhalingeshwar Mahaswami, Karuneshwar Mutt, Karnataka

Shivapadi (Karnataka): Sanatan Sanstha has been sincerely working for revival of Hindu Rashtra. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) which is committed to accomplish the goal of establishment of Hindu Rashtra is also achieving success in its activities. There are thousands of organizations in this country; but every organization is set up for expanding into a political party and getting power so as to fulfill own selfish interests; however, Sanatan sanstha has been working for establishment of Hindu Rashtra on the basis of God’s grace, without depending on any political party; therefore, success is certain, stated Sri Sri Sri Siddhalingeshwar Mahaswami of Karuneshwar Mutt, Andol, Karnataka while guiding in the concluding program of two-days regional Hindu Convention held at Shivapadi by HJS.

Conspiracy to kill Hindu leaders and destroy power of Hindu unity ! – Shri. Pramod Mutalik

Shri. Pramod Mutalik, the national President of Sriram Sena said on the occasion, “It was our misfortune that a very weak and dishonest person became our first Prime Minister. Its outcome is Kashmiri Hindus are brutally oppressed even today. Conspiracy is hatched to destroy power of Hindu unification by killing Hindu leaders. In such situation, it is the duty of pro-Hindu organizations to work like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Maharana Pratap. Let us get ready for the same.”

Paratpar Guru Dr. Jayant Athavale is fit to be ‘Vishwa-Guru’ ! – Sri Sri Sri Muktanandaswami

Sri Sri Sri Muktanandaswami of Karanja Mutt said, “Time has come for Bharat to be the Guru of the whole world for which ‘Vishwa-Guru’ is required and ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Jayant Athavale is fit to hold that post. Sanatan Sanstha has been continuously publishing books to encourage people for following ‘Dharmacharan’. The book on first aid training published today will be a guide for all of us working for protection of nation and Dharma during period of crisis. As per the times, we need to pray that in every house Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Rani Lakshmibai should be born.”

Shri. Guruprasad, the State Coordinator of HJS for Karnataka said while concluding the program, “Many ‘Hindutvavadis’ expressed their views during the two-day Hindu Convention. It is necessary to work on the basis of these views by going to our own villages and put them into practice. Awareness should be created in this regard and the Government should be stopped from passing such law.”


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