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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



Gurur brahmaa gurur vishnuh gurur devou maheshwarah

Gurur brahmaa  gurur vishnuh gurur devou maheshwarah  ||
Gurursaakshaat param brahmah tasmai shri guruvai namah||

Agyan      timirandhasya     gyananjan    shalakayaa  ||
Chakshurunmilitang    yen   tasmai shri guruvai namah ||

Akhandmandalaakaaram   vyaptam   yen     charaacharam ||
Tatpadam   drashitam   yen  tasmai shri guruvai namah ||

Mannaathah  jagannathah  madguru  shri    jagadguruh  ||
Mamaatmaa sarvabhutaatmaa   tasmai shri guruvai namah ||

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