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Pure Bhakti is free from karma and jnana and gives prema.
Maya is illusion. God is Light . Where there is light there can be no illusion.
Lord Sri Krishna manifests Himself as pure cognitive essence within the surrendered soul who is thus raised above mundane limitations of understanding, i.i., such a person is always able to discern the truth by unerring cognition. It is no exaggeration to say that King Kamsa is the typical atheist ( i.e., empiricist as one who places faith in the material energy and sciences only) and that he is intent on immediately and aggressively suppressing the Truth wherever it (He) may manifest. The atheist has a natural repugnance for transcendence and is ever on the lookout for the appearance of Truth in this world.

Human beings have a natural inclination toward faith in a power that is greater than themselves and beyond their comprehension. Kamsa takes advantage of this by causing such faith to be linked to dogmatism and hypocrisy, which is presented as religious mystery and accepted as such by those having only limited discernment and discrimination.


Kamsa's delusion that there is no difference between the material and so-called spiritual is strengthened by similar interpretations of the scriptures by others who share his atheistic understanding of life. Those who interpret the scriptures according to their own manufactured ideas, and manipulate the resulting conclusions   are called word-jugglers (lexicographic interpreters) .


Their word-jugglery is accepted by the rulers of the world as the genuine explanation of the scriptures, because the interpretations figure only a material understanding, ruling out any idea of transcendence beyond matter.


Kamsa and his contemporary counterparts are fully aware that if human society should develop an understanding of the transcendental, his plans of exploitation and control of people and material resources would be upset.   Therefore he employs word-juggling intellectual agents (academics) to place their materialistic interpretation on any manifestation of the Truth the moment appears.


Historical precedent provides justification for his opinions. Therefore, if his materialistic domination is to be maintained he must be careful to demean and disparage any understanding of the transcendent truth the instant it makes it appearance. King Kamsa (read: Asura rulers) acting on his fear is quick to engage academic scholars, who make a "neutral, unbiased and scholarly" assessments of scripture that are "value neutral", and their interpretations are given the highest credence due to their respectable academic standing.   King Kamsa employs his academic serfs to make interpretations based on specious arguments and all manners of hypothetical possibilities, making use of high-sounding specialist vocabulary; all in order to obfuscate the true understanding of the eternal religious principles revealed in scripture.


He knows that this course of action is necessary because atheism failed to maintain its dominant position due to the neglect of such measures, allowing a theistic understanding to become established among the fanatical masses. However, this faith in the transcendent can be circumvented and made to yield to an empiric understanding if prompt and decisive measures are adopted at the outset.


Nonetheless, Kamsa's conclusions are premature, due to his underestimating the potencies of The Almighty Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna. When the Lord decides to manifest His presence, as pure cognitive essence to His devotees (see the opening sentence) they become immune to the sinister designs Kamsa had laid for them. Those devotees, regardless of their age, sex and physical or mental condition, display an apparently causeless faith despite Kamsa's efforts, frustrating Kamsa's intentions to mislead them to an atheistic understanding. The manifestation of the uncompromised Truth within those protected souls is utterly incompatible with, and thwarts, the monopolization of the atheistic agenda.


When the Lord establishes Himself as Truth in the cognitive understanding and discernment of His devotees, they are immune to the adverse effects of Kamsa's atheistic propaganda. In contrast this result is as astonishing as it is unforeseen, because among the deluded souls Kamsa's atheistic program is absolutely effective.


The Atheistic Agenda Begins at Birth


As soon as a child comes from its mother's womb it is at once prey for the pseudo-teachers of religion. These imposters are employed by all established churches of the world and they effect the spiritual destruction of all children even with the cooperation of their parents. Such parents do not seek after the help of an able preceptor, not understanding the difference. This is due to the general atheistic disposition of the people in the world, which allows the pseudo-teachers of religion, the Putanas, to possess all the pulpits of the world. No human contrivance can avert this situation.


The Subversion of the Churches


The church that has the best chance of survival in this damned world is that of atheism under the convenient guise of theism. Churches have always proved to be the staunchest upholders of the grossest form of worldliness from which even the worst of non-ecclesiastical criminals are found to recoil.


It is not from any deliberate opposition to the ordained clergy that these observations are made. The original purpose of the established churches of the world may not always be objectionable, but no stable religious arrangement for instructing the masses has yet been successful. Therefore, the Supreme Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, in pursuance of the teachings of the scriptures, makes allowance for the use of unconventional proselytizing methods for the teachers of the eternal religion. The corollary however, does not hold. It does not follow that the mechanical adoption of the unconventional life by any person will make him a fit teacher of religion. The acarya may abandon convention, but for conditioned souls, regulation is necessary for reigning in their inherent worldliness. Nonetheless, even for such a purpose, mechanical regulation has no value, because mechanical activity is not what imparts understanding of the Absolute Truth. The mere pursuit of fixed doctrines or liturgies cannot bend an unqualified person to the true spirit of the doctrine or liturgy. The bona fide teacher of the eternal religion is therefore neither a product of, nor favorer of, any mechanical system, yet in his hands whatever system he arranges has no possibility of degeneration or losing its potency.


So uniquely appropriate are his conventions that the very idea of an organized church in an intelligible form, instead of signaling unbounded success, marks the close of the living spiritual movement. The great ecclesiastical institutions are in fact established to act as   dikes and the dams for the purpose of controlling a spiritual current that cannot possibly be limited by any such contrivances. Indeed, such institutions are created and followed because of   a desire on the part of the mundane masses to exploit a spiritual movement for their own material purposes. They also unmistakably indicate the end of the absolute and unconventional guidance of the bona fide spiritual teacher. These institutions incorporate preventive systems, for the purpose of control. However, they have no idea that the true spiritual life is an unrestricted positive eternal life, directed internally by love, and externally always free. Self-realization is always an individual process which will never be attained by the following of a crowd, nor can it be institutionalized to create 'self-realized' graduates.


It is a greatly mistaken understanding therefore, for anyone to believe that the apparently worldly successes of any truly spiritual movement will ameliorate the ills of the world. It is those expectants who, coveting such worldly results, become the misled patrons of the mischievous pseudo-teachers of religion, the Putanas, whose function is to stifle the theistic inclination at the very moment of its expected appearance. But the real theistic disposition can never be stifled by the efforts of those Putanas, who have power only over the atheist. It is a thankless but salutary task that they perform for the benefit of their willing victims.


When Krishna manifests Himself as the discriminating intelligence of the awakened soul, the Putanas are immediately and decisively silenced, unable to foist their crippled understanding against the discerning devotee. The potent conclusions put forth by the awakened soul effects the total destruction of Putana's crooked personality, and the would -be slayer is herself slain. This is the   reward for the negative services the Putanas unwittingly render—that of protecting theism by misdirecting worldly-minded hypocrites toward the pseudo-religion. Of course neither she, nor the Kamsas, are pleased by their loss. Such however, is the outcome at the appearance of the agent of the Absolute Truth.


The effective silencing of the whole race of pseudo-teachers of religion is the first clear indication of the appearance of the Absolute on the mundane plane. The bona-fide teacher of the Absolute, heralds the Advent of Krsna by his uncompromising campaign against the pseudo-teachers of religion.

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