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Shiv parivaar

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



about shiva
Lord Shiva and his parivar(family) is the best example of unity in diversity. It shows us a way that people from different background can stay at one place with peace and harmony. Lord Shiva Himself is the head of the family, while other members are his better half Parvati, two sons Ganesha and Kartike. Apart from this they have different vahans(Vehicels) like an ox, a rat, peacock and snake. These animals have different tendencies. An ox is very calm by nature whereas a snake is very aggressive. The rat who is the vahan of Lord Ganesha looks ugly but the vahan of Kartike is peacock which looks astonishingly beautiful. Lord Shiva himself is very versatile in nature. He is known as the God of Destruction for his Tandav and his anger, while on other hand he is considered as the most soft-cornered lord who gets pleased by his devotees very soon and thus he is also called as Bhole Baba. On the other hand Mata Parvati is extremly calm. Lord Shiva's family is the perfect example which shows how people having different mindset and different thinking stay together as one family. Today the whole world is fighting over various issues. People should take inspiration from Shiv Parivar and believe in the philosophy of Vasudev Kutumbhakam (The whole world is my home). If everyone starts thinking like this world will be a different place altogether.
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