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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



Wandering around the world sitting on a cloud, switched off my will, opening to my heart for God

Dear Cloud Walker,

main purpose in my life is writing daily about the beauty of our world. Trying to remind that beside career and responsibilities paradise is on earth when we open our eyes and our heart. Because of the pressure we put on our shoulders there is so little time left to simply watch. As there is for me almost nothing to worry about it is easy to watch the beauty of nature in this month. That is why I had plenty of time to write down this little poem. I stood up early this morning, drank some soup and watched the screen of my laptop when these sentences appeared in front of my eyes.

Possess or Be Free

Only if you 'have' or 'own' things or people , you are at risk of a loss.

I do not 'have' anything anymore, even 'my' worries left me.

We struggle to keep everything together what is 'ours".

I relax because there is nothing to fall apart.

Changing 'your' life means let go the fear of losing.

A changed life offers plenty of time to enjoy.

Only then you are rich and wealthy,

Even when its beauty you cannot possess.

please take care and enjoy,


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