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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



Wandering around the world sitting on a cloud, switched off my will, opening to my heart for God

Dear Cloud Walker,

in 2010 for two weeks 'Shine and do nothing' was echoing in my head. I went to Assisi for a 14 days walk to follow the track of St Francis and I learned the first day already where I all of my life went wrong repeatedly. (continue reading about this miraculous story in St Francis Papers) I was told to change my life and to perform two tasks only: shining and doing nothing. If I wanted to. I said Yes and put my life upside down.

Shine means when you are happy and feel Love in your heart show it to everybody without effort. You are a lamppost that gives light and it does not cost you any energy at all.  As when I tend to and I put my mind to shine it will cost energy. Shining is an automatic consequence of the way you feel about yourself and your life. When the feeling is good and there is a lot of satisfaction you can shine.

As I do not have to make any effort for shining this is okay. But 'doing nothing' is for me a very difficult task, still.
'To do nothing' means doing only the necessary things for a living. Work if you need to, cook and wash. Even after my decision to step out the rat race and live a life beside society. Decades of achieving left it's mark. Doing a day only the necessary things as cooking and washing is still a big effort. Past week I was all day working and exploring the internet. Finally I understood what was going on. I was achieving again and did not notice. I was doing things for no reason. As I do not have to achieve anything at all.

You do not have to achieve anything at all too. What is the value of your success? Does it make you happy? Or does it polish your ego? We only need success when we are not satisfied with ourselves and can not love ourselves. Then success will give us the appreciation we cannot give to ourselves.

Every need to achieve will vanish when you are loving yourself, unless this old habit of achieving is deceiving you as happened to me!  But I am free again. Free from this everlasting plague of feverish achieving. I do not have to achieve any success in any way. It is useless.

I work a little, cook, wash and when I feel like it I walk an hour or more. That is all. We do not have to do anything more than that. We do not have to live in abundance. It does not do us nor earth any good. We are needlessly exhausting our bodies and our natural resources in the everlasting race of getting more. That is the reason for stress: keeping in tact the abundance.

Please take a look behind and watch the results of your success. They won't last. You cannot take them with you.

So please relax and do the necessary things. Enjoy life it does not cost any effort!

take care,


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