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Vasudhiotic [Global] Peace Yoga.
The yoga in the Islam religion:
1. Few people are aware of the Islam religion practicing numerous yogic postures unwittingly.

2. For example, the posture involving bowing before Allah while in a mosque is akin to "the Yoga Mudraa". When a devout Muslim bows and puts one's forehead down on the ground then the devotee's third eye centre experiences upward pressure on it 

from the ground below which in turn helps open up the concerned nerve/centre and after sufficient practice the devotee may begin to see " the Noor/the Light" within and may   start hearing "the Baangae-Aei-Aasamaanee"/the unspoken holy word/the Naada/the heavenly melody reverberating within.

  • 3. One is amazed to findone moresimilarity between the Hindu Yogees and the Muslims. That is, the Muslims practice the Namaaza 5 times a day. The Yogees who practice the theories propounded in the "Shiva-Swarodaya", advocate remembering the Almighty - the Supreme Consciousness - the god/goddess and doing no other activity when the Sky [Aakaasha] element [tatva] is prominent. 
  • Now, this sky element is supposed to be prominent in its turn once the other 4 elements each have appeared in succeeding order, with each element appearing for 2 and a half ghadees [60 minutes]. 
  • This means that the sky element is prominent on nearly 5 occasions every day [24 hours duration] which means that the Yogee is supposed to remember 'the Almighty/Supreme Consciousness' or offer worship to 'the Almighty/Supreme Consciousness' 5 times each day[24 hours duration].

  The other interesting observation:

  • 1. What is the meaning of the word "Namaaza?" Well, if you see the root "Namaha" in the Sanskrta language [meaning: to bow before someone] and the root "Aaza" in the Hindi language [meaning: today], the meaning of the word "Namaaza" becomes "Bow before someone today"! 
But, bow before whom today? Well, it means in the context of the traditional Islam religion - "Bow before the Allah/Almighty/Supreme Consciousness/God today"! So, when a Muslim says, "Read Namaaza 5 times a day" then it seems the fellow is really saying, "Bow before Allah/Almighty/Supreme Consciousness/God 5 times a day"!

2. Thus, the word "Nammaza" seems to be totally a secular one and universal in approach.
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