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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



This blog is created to aproach all subject about Hinduism

We cannot ignore how much important to keep the contact with God, no matter the way we conceive him, personal or impersonal, with name or without name, we must keep our contact with him daily. He must be the first thing that we think, in the morning: at the first moments of the day , to think in Him, to speak to Him, to open the heart to Him , to thank Him, to praise Him... To say to Him the most touching mantra, the sweetest word , the most loving poem , as we were telling to our wife or husband: I LOVE YOU! Yeah! Because He is the father, and in the same way we treat our parents in this land ( very well - I think ) we must treat Brahman also! How marvelous it's to be in love with Brahman! How marvelous when our hearts belong to Brahman! When our lives are a love anthem to our eternal father - Brahman, Lord of the Universe! We should not scorn Brahman in difficult times , we should not say: Brahman does not love me anymore! I gonna give my back to Him - no! Please, don't make it! He is the master, he is the teacher and he knows how to educate us through the facts of the life! In any situation - PRAISE TO BRAHMAM , JAYA BRAHMAN , JAYA BRAHMAN OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!

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