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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



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...OM...OM...OM...If you are feeling an intense wish to leave your house; to abandon your job; to go out of your city and ( like Swami Ramdas or Ramana Maharshi for instance ) going to live into a jungle, because a strange voice is speaking to you that you should do such a thing - it must be a calling , a spiritual calling! Several and several men and women already listened to this same voice before you and several and several men and women will listen to it yet! Brahman Himself or one of His manifestations has called you maybe for being a Guru, a spiritual leader! Swami Ramdas was a successful entrepreneur, who said goodbye to his relatives and , acting through obedience became a sannyasin. Ramana Maharish went to live into a cave! They were men whom God had called to be Gurus, spiritual leaders. Of course this called did not come from no other place than from their own inner: God inside them had called them! So, if you are feeling a strange wish to leave all for living into a jungle - don't worry! You are not going to become a crazy man! You are not out of the control of your mind: you are having the honor to be touched by the supernatural hands of Lord Brahma, the creator , for being His bridge, His prophet, His Guru! OM...Om...OM...

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