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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



This blog is created to aproach all subject about Hinduism

My dearest reader: if you are suffering, if life is not going like you would like it was going , you can take a wonderful medicine: you can practice meditation. I advise you , please, go to a silent place, have a sit in a confortable chair, put yourself in a way that your spine does not come to suffer any pain. Then, cross your legs, close your eyes, and see with calm all the thoughts that come and go... Don't worry about them. They will go away very soon. Then you must respire thus: one, two, three - to inside, the breath ; one , two, three - maintain stoped the breath ; one, two , three - to outside, the breath. After, you must stay in deep mental silence, because a word will come to you! If not a word, a feeling will come to you! A guide. A orientation. An image perhaps. Anyway, you will be guided about what you must do about your suffering, about your personal problem... Who speaks to you is your Sadguru! The Guru who lives inside you! Your best friend who is able to guide you in all situation! You also can name Him as Atma... He lives in your cardiac chacra , He is pure love: you can count with Him all the time... I hope you find out Him right now! He is not so far but inside you! Don't be afraid to follow His advices: He knows all the things! And, indeed, only Him is truly able to aid you! My deep reverence to the Sadguru, Om...Om...Om.


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