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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



This blog is created to aproach all subject about Hinduism

Today I'd like to speak about meditation. Meditation it's a spiritual method whereby you can find peace , serenity. And also you can find God through it. People really say that they would like to find God, so they go to church, they go to the temple, they visit masters, gurus, pastors, priests, and they buy Holy books, as Holy Bible, Bagavad Gita and several other books, according to their religion. Then they make prayers ,they sing praises, to God, who lives in the sky. So, when people want to speak to God, they look at the sky and they cry out: Oh! My Lord please, I want your help right now, because I have a serious problem in my life, and I need you, I need your power , I need your light for resolving my problem. And they have this hope that God will come towards them to resolve their problems: to them God is a person who lives in a specific place, maybe as an old man sat down on a throne, and this old man is someone who comes towards their lives to resolve personally their problems; if not , this God sends angels to resolve their problems. Then, according to this vision, we have a God outside us, a God who lives in the heaven. But if you travel to India , if you travel to this marvelous country you will learn that God is inside us, you will learn that God lives since ever inside us, and you will learn also that you are able to find out this God inside you! Yeah, you will learn to find out this God inside you. But - how? Well, first, you need to practice meditation! In India there is the yoga; yoga means religion: who makes yoga, makes religion, because yoga it's a way that the man uses to go inside himself deeply. As the Buddha, as the great masters from India as Yogananda, Ramakrishna, Sai Baba... So, a man goes to a silent place and there ( maybe a jungle, maybe a hill ) this man remains for some time in deep contact with nature , with silence, and in deep contact with himself. He probably has a sit , he closes his eyes, he crosses his legs, and starting from that moment he thinks in God within his heart, all his thought goes inside his heart, and so one day he feels something new, he realizes that something absolutely new is happening: he changed all his way to see life, he look at life with other eyes: now he is enlightened, now he is a Buddha, now he is a master who achieved to contact directly with God inside him! It is a happening, a wonderful happening, and so he comes from the hill, he comes from the jungle , and he goes to the city for saying to each man, to each woman, hey you should practice meditation because you will find out God inside you! You will find out God inside you! Then if he finds people sympathetic to him whom would like to find out God inside themselves , people will do the same he did � meditation! Finding out God within us it's truly the most important spiritual happening, and a man or a woman who finds out God , such a person becomes a true genius, a true genius. There are illiterate people in history , people whom did not have any study and when they got the ilumination , through meditation, such people emerged as wise-men, as wise-women! That's because at that moment that the ilumination happens , starting from this moment, all knowledge, within the person who achieved the ilumination, all knowledge of the world in every area , is totally available! Who achieved the illumination does not need to read no book anymore! Because the knowledge that it is inside the book, such knowledge it is inside the enlightened man! Then you become a sage, a Buddha, a Jesus , an enlightened person! Through meditation! Then, if you are looking for God inside a temple, if you are looking for God in the sky, you for sure don't know that God is inside yourself! Wherever you go God goes beside you, God goes inside you, God goes with you; the eternal partner , the friend who never leaves you: if you are in your house ,God also is there; if you are in your job , God is there too; if you are sleeping God is within your bedroom; there is no place where you are that God isn't, because the Lord , Brahman , Jehovah , is inside you , and you only must practice meditation to verify this fantastic reality. I invite you Oh! Brother, I invite you Oh! Sister, I invite you to practice meditation, I invite you to transform all your life, to the better of course !For sure your life won't be the same: much more light, much more intelligence, much more happiness, much more strenght, much more all the good things...

Really , you will be welcome to a new world, to a new consciousness about life , and you will be very very useful to the people who want to find out also God inside themselves. Think about because it's wonderful! Thank you very much for this opportunity!  I have great joy to share this knowledge with you dear reader. Thank you very much! Namaste!

You can hear this text through Ramdev Baba's voice: 

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