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Ratha Yatra transcends all religious boundaries

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



Jay Jagannath

Gundicha Yatra

"Atmanam rathinam viddhi shareeram rathameva tu,
Buddhim tu sarathim viddhi manaha pragrahameva tu.
Indriyani hayanyahur vishayansteshu gocharan,"


The atman is Rathi - owner of the `chariot' - the body, 

The intellect is the Sarathi - driver, 

The mind is the rein, 

The senses are the horses, and 

The Panch Vishayas - material objects of the five senses - are

the fields of pasture for the horses.

i.e. The person whose Sarathi - intellect - is wise, whose mind fully controls the senses, can traverse Samsara to reach the desired goal - the Lord's abode.

Devine Involvement

On Ratha Yatra day every year, not only do people come from all over the world, but also beings from all Lokas and planets. Lord Jagannath's chariot, known as Nandighosha, is guarded by the following devas">

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