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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



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An article trying to explain Ganesha's symbolism to western people.

Of course I can understand the western point of view about Hindu religion and its philosophy that is marvelously symbolized through several and several images. It seems that Hindus are idolaters. But it is not true! We cannot say something about what we have no knowledge! It is not honest! We only are able to say something about what we indeed know! For sure, India is the most spectacular country when it comes to its philosophy, when we consider its sacred images as a symbolism.... Symbolism about God and His Reality... Let's take Ganesha, the Elephant God for instance. Of course an absurd to any western person. � How may those devotees respect such an image?! For sure they are totally crazy! God, an elephant with body of a boy!? � But if you watch the video that shows Ganesha's birth and His life, then you will understand the meaning! For sure, people say things about what they don't know! Ganesha means intelligence, wisdom! He is also who opens the paths to us in life! Ganesha is the divine intelligence ( one of God's manifestations). Ganesha is the intelligence that comes from inside us; the wisdom that comes from inside us ; the strenght to open the paths that comes from inside us! We have limitless power inside us! And about Ganesha's image, who would like to get more understanding about this, should watch in Youtube, Ganesha's story! Indian folk do the best use of mythology to express more clearly their deep philosophical thought! There is no idolatry in the commom sense of this word, but a way to become simple and visible an enormous and intrinsic philosophical knowledge! Each detail in Ganesha's figure has its meaning , philosophical meaning that western mind is not able to understand just in a fast look upon it!

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