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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



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Such a problem seems to me resolved by Shankaracharya several and several years ago ( AHAM BRAHMASMI! ) Of course we are not other thing if not Brahman! When Shankaracharya said it ( that we are Brahman ) , He resolved all philosophical problems in this sense! To Indian mentality, such thought sounds very very normal! Because for Indian folk there is no problem to accept that God is inside themselves! Of course Vivekananda is his begining as Ramakrishna's disciple did not accept Ramakrishna's devotion for Kali Ma , but after He himself saw Her in a spiritual vision through an image within the temple. There is an unity between God and us, and when it comes to other religions, Jesus said to the people: you are gods! But people think a lot about sin, they think about themselves they are bad , they don't deserve nothing but the hell, and they feel above all separated of God! They did not learn that they are the own Brahman in flesh , but they are sinners , that only Allah is God and Mohammed his Prophet , or that Jesus is the unique savior. And it is religion, that divide the men. But no, we know: Aham Brahmasmi! We have the due Chaitanya! So may Brahman bless us!

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