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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



Your “wisdom” is your real “style”. What’s the meaning of “style” in this line?

Your “wisdom” is your real “style”. What’s the meaning of “style” in this line?  It’s not about your outer “style” which depicts your look, your dressing sense or about your shoes…. This type of style can fascinates others very easily, but only for short period of time. … But when you work on your real style i.e., on your wisdom that impress others permanently.


Knowledge is like a raw material; it’s a data which you gain and feed in your mind but where you have to use and how to use it???? It’s the wisdom which becomes your real style.


Knowledge is that you know that a tomato is a fruit but wisdom is that you know very well that you will not use it in a fruit salad.


As we know that the road is one way but the wisdom is that before crossing we will see in both directions.


Knowledge is that what to say but wisdom is that when to say. It is the style of a wise person’s personality. Without wisdom your knowledge is waste and destructive.


A real person, who first acquires knowledge and then works for the welfare of people, quite naturally becomes popular and famous. There is no enemy of such a man but even if there are, he is able to vanquish them. His popularity in the society increases on account of his successes and good deeds 


When worst situation occurred in your life, it’s come in the circle of your knowledge but wisdom is that how you find a way to get rid yourself from that worst situation. If you are not able to handle your problems there is no matter of how much knowledge you have accumulated.

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