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Amarnath Cave: Journey to Renounce

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



You must be in a quest that why Shiva lord sacrificed everything to reach Amarnath cave.

You must be in a quest that why Shiva lord sacrificed everything to reach Amarnath cave. According to mythology, when Lord Shiva was insisted by his wife to reveal the secret of immortality, he decided to proceed towards the cave. On his way to the cave he abandoned everything.


In order to reveal the secret of immortality, Lord Shiva left his son, vehicle, etc in various isolated places, which is why all these places seem like Tirthasthal.

There are two ways for Amarnath Journey � Pahalgam and Sonmarg Baltal. And Lord Shiva took the Pahalgam route to reach the cave.



This is a place where Lord Shiva first left his vahan, Nandi, when he took Parvati to the cave to tell her the amar katha. It is 96 kms from Srinagar and is surrounded by mountain peaks.


The next place after Pahalgam is Chandanwadi. According to beliefs, Lord Shiva renounced the moon from his head here. The moon then waited for Lord Shiva to return here. This is how the name of this place became Chandanwadi


Pissu Top

Slightly ahead of Chandanwadi is Pissu Top. According to this, for the darshan of Amarnath, a huge fight between the Gods and Demons occurred. That time with the help of Lord Shiva, Gods defeated the Demons. With the dead bodies of demons, a mountain was formed.



This is a place where Lord Shiva had dropped the snake from this neck. There is a lake of blue water here, which proves that this is the place of Sheshnag.


 Mahagunas Mountain 

The next place after Sheshnag is Mahagunas Mountain. It is at an altitude of 14,000 feet. According to mythology, Lord Shiva had left his beloved son Ganesha here.



It is believed that god Shiva sacrificed the five Panchabhut here i.e. space, air, water, fire and earth. Here is the convergence of five rivers. And these five rivers flowing here come out from the tangles of Shiva.


Amarnath Cave 

This is the final destination of the journey. In this cave Lord Shiva told the secret of immortality to Parvati. The path of 3 kms to the cave is covered with snow. The cave is about 100 feet long and 150 feet wide. In this cave the ice �Shivling is formed.and the devotees� feels blessed after having the Darshan of Shivling and this is also a symbol of people�s faith and trust.

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