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Vatsalya Gram: Shelter to Destitute

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



In today’s life, when your own family members and relatives do not care.

In today’s life, when your own family members and relatives do not care. There are many people in a society who have discarded their own ones due to many reasons or awful situation.

These kinds of people may be restricted in their own regulations and disciplines. But there is a person who thinks about all those destitute people who have been discarded from their homes.


Sadhvi Ritambhara ji, has emerged as one of the most prominent Indian spiritualist in this modern kind of life. She is not only a spiritual leader, she has established as a personification of the motherly nature and this vision that has led to the formation of Vatsalya Gram, a home to all.

Her Vatsalya Gram Ashram has set an ideal example before the society by performing a noble task of looking after those whom people call destitute. This ashram is located in Vrindavan’s 54 acers of land. The ashram provides shelter to the women, children and old people whom their families have left.


We have seen today’s orphanages and old age homes where they get every kind of facilities, but are not able to provide sustainable growth and development for either children or old people, because the two require a merge  accompany through love and affection. Therefore, the beautiful relationships among self – reliant women, obedient children and loving grandmothers are only possible in a Vatsalya ashram making this the first of its kind in the world.


Vatsalya Gram provides all the high class facilities where underprivileged children and women of every age live together as a family. Each Vatsalya family comprises seven children, a mother, an aunt, and a grandmother. This unique arrangement gives children and women an encouragement to their emotional connection of love and trust without any distinction of caste, creed and religion.

Vatsalya Gram has given each and every individual a way of life, love, affection and provided a better life. They are not only living their lives, but they are celebrating this beautiful life as a gift of God.


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