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Sudrasha chakr - a super wheel

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



A weapon which can be lift up on the tip of index finger is known as “Sudrasha chakr”.

A weapon which can be lift up on the tip of index finger is known as “Sudrasha chakr”. Existence of specially Lord Vishnu and Krishna always appears with their auspicious “Sudrasha chakr” in our religion. “Sudarshan chakra” has been considered as a very powerful weapon among the others weapon like the “Brahmastras”.

Lord Krishna acquired “Sudrasha chakr” by the “Agnideva”. “Sudarshan chakra” plays a prominent role in Krishna’s adorable image. Most of us, knows about the Krishna’s prankish nature while “Sudarshana chakra” depicts the formidable face of Krishna’s as well. Krishna’s formidable image always creates a terrible feeling in the demons.

“Sudarshana chakra” is a Sanskrit word which depicts the meaning “auspicious Vision” The amazing thing about “Sudarshana chakra” is that it can be manifest as tiny or vast. “Sudarshan chakra” constantly revolves on god’s finger and attracts us towards the motion of the world. It is only one weapon which remains in motion every time. “Sudarshana chakra” consist one thousand spoke with their incredible values.

“Sudarshana chakra” has been created with the inevitable power of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Krishna hold it on his little finger while Vishnu on his index finger. “Sudarshana chakra” is full of wondrous thing which manifest the ancient science in front of us.

After eliminate of the demons, it comes back to the possessor automatically. This soundless incredible weapon can encompass any distance in the moment. Krishna used it to kill “shishupal.”


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