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When Mohini Trapped Bhasmasura….

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



Hinduism is very rich in its culture, mythological stories, and in its belief.

Hinduism is very rich in its culture, mythological stories, and in its belief. We believe in every aspect of a story whether it is about God or Demons, or the struggle between them, and the triumph of God over Demons. All the mythological tales have been mentioned in Purans. And another interesting story is of Demon Bhasmasura and Apsara Mohini.

 You may heard about this story that how Lord Vishnu tricked a demon Bhasmasura to turn him down. According to Hindu mythology, Bhasmasura whose real name was Shoorpakasura was a very powerful Demon. He was very big and huge but not an intelligent one. He used to act before thinking and that is why he was a fool Demon. Once, he decided to please Lord Shiva and would ask for a boon. He performed a very tough penance for many years. Every day, during his prayers he used to cut one of his body parts just to please Lord Shiva, and every day he did the same and offers it to Shiva.

 After many years, Lord Shiva pleased with his penance and said, “I am pleased by your devotion and meditation. Ask any one thing which you want as a boon.” This made Bhasmasura astonished and he wished, “Please grant me the boon that on whosoever s head I place my hand, he would die instantly i.e. turns into ashes (Bhasma).”

And Lord Shiva granted him a boon, but Bhasmasura wanted to test the powers on lord itself and said, “I should check whether the boon is true or not on you.” And he went near him to place his hands on Shivas head but lord was alert and he ran off. But Bhasmasura followed him, meanwhile Shiva wandered in search of Lord Vishnu.

Eventually, lord Shiva requested for a help from Lord Vishnu. And Vishnu appeared before Bhasmasura in the form of Apsara Mohini, the only female embodiment of Lord Vishnu. Mohini was extremely beautiful Apsara that Bhasmasura fell in love immediately. He could not stop himself and proposed Mohini for a marriage. She agreed in one condition that Bhasmasura would have to dance identically as hers. And while dancing Bhasmasura tried matching Mohinis dance moves.

And in a step, she suddenly placed her hand on her own head. As Bhasmasura was copying her, then he put his hand on his head. Because of the boon, Bhasmasura burnt into ashes. That is how a fool Demon became a reason for his own death. And Lord Vishnu as in Mohini trapped him to use his own power into curse.      


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