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Every Hindu is very well rooted with the real essence of Ramayana

Every Hindu is very well rooted with the real essence of Ramayana, we all have to know a lot about Lord Rama, Lakshman, Sita Mata, Hanuman and Ravan in many texts written in Valmiki Ramayana and of it is considered  to be most accurate. We have seen many serials and movies based on the life of Lord Rama. However, there are some other interesting facts mentioned In Valmiki Ramayana, which you do not know and you may get astonished by these truths.


Ramayana has 24,000 shlokas, 500 upkhand and 7 kand. And do you know that at the time of yagya for the birth of Lord Rama, King Dashrath was 60 years old. According to Ramayana, King Dashrath had organized the yagya by taking the help of sage Rishyashring. And Rishyashrings father was Vibandak. The story behind Rishyashrings birth was that one day while Vibandak were bathing in the river, he ejaculated inside water. A female drank that water and thats how Rishyashring was born.  


In Tulsidas Ramayana, we know that in Sitas Swayamwar Lord Rama had lifted the bow and arrow of Lord shiva and broke it. But there is no mention of this incedent in Valmilis Ramayana.  

When Lord Rama went to exile (Vanvas) he was 27 years old. And when Lakshman came to know about Ramas Vanvas, he was very angry and has asked his elder brother to fight with his own father and triumph over him. But Rama cooled down Laxshman and explained him.


The goddess granted him boon on a condition that someone else has to bear his sleep. On Lakshman request the goddess visited his wife Urmila, sister of Sita. Urmila agreed to share her husband loss of sleep, and thus slept for entire 14 years. This helped Laxshman to kill Ravana son Meghnadh as Meghnadh could be killed only by a man who have not slept for 14 years.

When Lord Rama and Lakshman were searching for Sita in the forest, they had come across a demon, Kambadh whom they killed. Actually Kambadh had become a demon due to a curse. When Lord Rama went to burn his dead body, his soul was relived from the curse and he told him to do friendship with Sugreev.


According to Ramayana, when Raavan had lifted Mount Kailash to impress Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati had got scared and cursed Raavan that he will die because of a woman. Once Raavan was in his Ppushpak Viman , when he saw a beautiful woman busy in worshipping Lord Vishnu to marry the God himself. Raavan pulled her hair and impetus her to go with him. The woman sacrificed her body on the spot and cursed Raavan. 

Vidyutjinn was the husband of Shrupnakha who was Raavans sister. He was a senapati in the army of Kalkay King. When Raavan was out to conquer the world, he fought with Kalkay too. In this battle, Vidyutjinn died. Angry Shrupnakha cursed Raavan that she will become a reason for her brothers death.

Raavan denied the fact that he will be killed, instead he stood his ground to fight in order to get moksha/mukthi from Ramas hands and reach back to Lord Vishnu. He said “if Rama and Lakshman are two normal humans, than I will carry Sita and win over the humans, but if they are Gods, then I will die in their hands with arrows and will attain Moksha”.According to Ramayana, it had taken 5 days to construct a bridge over the ocean. 


It is also believed that Rama left the earth by taking the jala samadhi in the Sarayu River, when Sita is taken back by her mother earth Bhoodevi. When Sita could not bear yet another test to her innocence, while living in the forest, she requests the Goddess of earth to take her back.

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